4.6oz Black Champagne Flutes

Size: 130ml capacity. 53mm (top) / 171mm (height)

These plastic 4.6oz Black Champagne Flutes are injection moulded in virgin food-grade crystal styrene, giving perfect clarity and extra rigidity.

They are superb quality and suitable for all special occasions including private parties, festivals, and weddings.

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  1. 100ml Plastic Champagne Tulip Glasses (lined at 75ml)

    Lined at 75ml, max capacity 100ml 100ml Plastic Champagne Tulip Glasses (lined at 75ml)

    Small sized Plastic Champagne Tulip Glasses, these flutes have a maximum capacity of 100ml to the brim with a line to denote a 75ml capacity.

    The 75ml size of stemmed glasses are common used for either sampling, or complementary servings of Champagne and Martini. if the flutes are filled to the lined capacity, this gives 10 servings of Champagne per bottle.

    As with our larger glasses, these drinking glasses are Injection moulded from virgin food-grade crystal styrene. This gives crystal-clear clarity for formal occasions and events.


  1. 150ml Champagne Saucer / Coupe

    150ml (to brim) 150ml Champagne Saucer / Coupe

    Injection moulded virgin food-grade crystal styrene 2 Piece Disposable Plastic Champagne Saucer, giving perfect clarity and extra rigidity.

    The style of this stemmed glass is designed to replicate the appearance of a 1950s Champagne Saucer, also known as a Champagne Coupe. This differs to the more commonplace tall tulip glass with a shallow yet wider bowl section. Although the stemmed Saucer glass is still used for serving Champagne, it has become more popular for serving small cocktails or Martini.

    Top diameter: 8.5cm
    Bottom diameter: 6.5cm
    Height: 11cm


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