22oz Flexible Plastic Pint Tumblers - Full Pallet

Size: 670ml/22oz

One full pallet of our disposable plastic pint glasses, 24 cases per pallet, 1,000 cups per case. These are flexible 22oz tumblers designed for use with metered pumps, ideally suited to outdoor events and festivals. Maximum capacity is 670ml (one pint), the tumblers carry a government stamp (CE mark) - fully approved by weights and measures in the UK.

These plastic tumblers are an economical solution where large quantities are required, for example when our injection moulded Katerglass tumblers don't prove to be cost effective.

Unlike like some other cheap plastic glasses, our flexible pint glasses are strong enough for outdoor use, a thick rim section provides the vessel with the structural integrity required for festival use. Beware of overly thin alternatives that may necessitate the use of two cups per pint, thus doubling the unit price.

  • 24 Cases (24,000 tumblers)
  • Flexible Polypropylene
  • CE Stamped
  • Recyclable
  • Ideal for high volume use

This product is also available as a single sleeve of 50 cups, or a case of 1,000: Oversize Plastic Beer Glasses

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