Handpresso Wild Handheld Coffee Machine


The Handpresso Wild Portable Espresso Machine is ideal for anyone with limited space. The Handpresso Wild stands out as trendy, practical, fun and is an ideal gift for coffee enthusiasts. The Wild works with all the E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, which are made by several different brand including Espressione, Gaggia, Illy, Lavazza and Waitrose. They are also available in most major supermarkets, speciality coffee shops and on the web.
The technology of espresso machines is becoming increasingly sophisticated and expensive. Handpresso decided to go the opposite way and look for simplicity. This thinking led to the invention of the Handpresso Wild, a device small enough to fit in a handbag! This simple concept is complimented by sophisticated technology and a sleek and elegant design, nominated for the Observeur du Design 08 awards and exhibited at the Cité des Sciences in Paris.

The Handpresso Wild is produced from durable, environmentally friendly materials and parts. Handpresso stakes its reputation on quality and reliability.

How does it work? It is simple! Pump up the pressure until you reach the green bar; pour hot water into the reservoir; insert the E.S.E pod; press the release button and….start to enjoy your delicious espresso in seconds. (enlarge image for close up view of the Handpresso Wild!)

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    Handpresso Hybrid Outdoor Coffee Machine

    Following the huge success of Handpresso Wild – the portable espresso machine for E.S.E pods, Handpresso introduces its second version, the Hybrid to work with ground coffee and coffee pods.
    The new Handpresso Domepod suit all tastes, you can choose between Arabica, Robusta, Fair trade. With the new Domepod possibilities are endless! You can choose the origin, the roasting and the grind of our favourite coffee blend.

    Besides offering an espresso break in a friendly atmosphere, the Handpresso Wild domepod will also be appreciated by eco-friendly minds and thrifty persons. Emptying the coffee grounds is simple, just click on the dome and that’s all you need.
    Enjoy your coffee experience, anywhere! (enlarge image for close up view of the Handpresso Hybrid!)


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