Krystal Klear Polycarbonate Plastic Glassware Rinse Additive

Size: 5l

Krystal Klear Rinse Additive for use specifically with plastic glassware (but will work with glass too).

The detergent and rinsing effect cleans plastic glassware to higher standards of regular detergents and rinse aids (standard Rinse Aid's proved totally ineffective on plastic glassware).
The rinse aid prevents water spotting and streaking which other rinse aids cannot prevent.
We have found that using Proton's new detergent and rinse aid actually helps to significantly increase the 'life span' of the plastic, holding the 'yellowing' effect off for a while longer.

  • New technology
  • Optimum drainage
  • Rapid drying
  • No spots, No streaks
  • No effect on head retention
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