Polycarbonate Jagerbomb Glasses

Size: 25ml

Superb quality and virtually indestructible! These items are great for repeated use in the home or commercially in Bars, Pubs or Clubs. They will not break or shatter like glass, this means they are approved by local councils for after hours usage in night venues. These are also fantastic at parties.

Polycarbonate plastic is the same material used for Police riot shields!

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    30ml / Single Measure 3cl Disposable Plastic Shot Glasses

    30ml Injection moulded virgin food-grade crystal styrene disposable plastic shot glasses, giving perfect clarity and extra rigidity. Lined at 20ml. Perfect for Vodka Jellies and Spirits!

    This size of glass is commonly seen in Supermarkets for use with product sampling. We supply various branches of Sainsburys and Asda with these glasses for product launches or promotional sampling activities. Extremely compact and easily stored - an economical solution for serving small measures or any liquid.


  1. Jagerbomb Shot Glasses / Bomb Shots

    25ml shot / 60ml mixer Jagerbomb Shot Glasses / Bomb Shots

    This is a disposable plastic shot glass designed primarily for Jagerbombs, mixers and chasers. The inner shot compartment is 25ml with an outer capacity of 60ml. The liqueur or spirit is first poured into the inner compartment; the outer section is then filled with the mixer. The glasses are designed to mix both compartments when consumed.

    Previously the alternative for serving drinks of this nature was to drop a plastic shot glass into a mixer glass. Using a specific bomb glass results in increased safety (no loose shot glasses) and a reduced cost per unit for the drinking vessel. It is also far quicker to use a single glass at the bar.

    Our Jagerbomb shot glasses are made from durable Polypropylene, this far more durable than the more brittle Polystyrene varieties available - our glasses are designed not to crack or shatter easily. They are also completely stackable for use at the bar where space Is often at a premium.

    As with all our disposable glasses, these are completely recycleable and can be disposed of along with your regular plastic waste. CE stamped and approved in the uk by weights and measures.


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