No 8 Dispopak Brown Leak-Proof Food Cartons (46oz)

Size: 1324ml (46fl oz)

Brown folding food cartons from our leak-proof Dispopak range of takeaway containers. The number 8 carton has a maximum capacity of 1324ml (46fl Oz) and features a folding interlocking lid, ideal for food storage and a wide range of takeaway meals.

The number 8 food box is a medium sized food container, this makes it usable for a wide range of different meals or sides. The number 8 food box is popular with Indian takeaways for main portions of Curry or Bombay Potatoes.

Approximate Capacity: 46fl.oz


  • Length: 120x137mm
  • Width: 152x170mm
  • Height: 64mm

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