VillaWare Domestic Coffee Makers

Filter Coffee Machines

VillaWare Domestic Coffee Makers

  1. Villaware Filter Coffee Machine

    Villaware Filter Coffee Machine

    The Villaware stylish Filter Coffee Machine has only a 9 minute brew time, the stylish jug can be used to serve at the table and it has a thermal insulation system to keep the coffee warm once brewed. This metal die cast, ultra quiet machine features a permanent stainless steel filter, with an auto cleaning cycle for convenience. It also features a ‘Pause and serve’ button which means you can serve to your friends whilst the coffee is still brewing. With this new Coffee Maker from Villaware you can brew the perfect coffee and keep it hot for consuming...

    from £108.60 (£130.32 inc vat)

  1. Villaware Espresso Coffee Machine

    Villaware Espresso Coffee Machine

    The VillaWare Espresso Machine makes a great espresso. Everyone's got their own taste, blend and preferred strength, but in terms of the actual espresso maker, the VillaWare espresso maker is one of the best. All the VillaWare products have been crafted using only the finest materials and offer superior performance and inspiration. They signify another step towards refining the entire culinary experience, turning your passion into an art. The VillaWare brand name is recognised around the world as a premium brand, passionate about providing customers...

    from £370.00 (£444.00 inc vat)

Kenwood kMix Filter Coffee Machines

  1. Kenwood kMix CM021 Filter Coffee Machine in Red

    Kenwood kMix CM021 Filter Coffee Machine in Red

    Kenwood kMix Filter Coffee machine features a beautiful, compact design, the kMix coffee maker delivers a flawless performance. The ThermoGen� system produces the perfect temperature for brewing superior tasting coffee, and the OptiTemp� hot plate maintains the ideal temperature to avoid scorching providing you with the ultimate coffee experience. Weight: 2.93kg / Water Tank: 750ml Anti-drip function

    from £62.99 (£75.59 inc vat)

Coffee Queen - Pour and Serve

  1. Coffee Queen M2 Pour and Serve

    Coffee Queen M2 Pour and Serve

    The single group Coffee Queen M2 is completely manufactured in Sweden from gleaming Sheffield stainless steel sheet. New details include the elegant front filling lid and the stainless steel practical filter holder with a thermally insulated handle at the back of the machine. The machine is designed completely without visible screws, making it suitable for direct display to the customer in a commercial environment. Manual water filling.

    from £240.00 (£288.00 inc vat)

  1. Coffee Queen DA4 Pour and Serve Auto

    Coffee Queen DA4 Pour and Serve Auto

    The Coffee Queen Original DA-4 comes with automatic water filling. The coffee brewer has electronic time control and it is easy to regulate the brewing quantity on the front with an alert to indicate brewing completion. The coffee brewers have 4 hot plates and come with four 1.8l decanters. Connection hose and disposable filters included. The machine is designed to accommodate 24 cups of coffee in 6 minutes, equating to 30 litres/hour. Power supply: 400V 2N / 4780W.

    from £500.00 (£600.00 inc vat)

  1. Coffee Queen Glass Decanter 1.8L

    Coffee Queen Glass Decanter 1.8L

    Glass Decanter for use with the Coffee Queen machines. 1.8L / 12 Cup.

    from £20.05 (£24.06 inc vat)

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