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Plastic and Wipeable ‘Silk’ Table Cloths

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

We offer two types of Wipeable table cloths, Plastic Table Cloths and wipeable ‘Silk’ Table cloths.

Both these products are used to protect table linens from stains and are increasingly used at Childrens parties as they allow for spillages.

The ‘Silk’ tablecloths are made of tissue Napkin material which is laminated with plastic on one side making the product water resistant. As the Silk product is manufactured from tissue material the thin plastic laminate does not impair the products drapeability (I may have just invented a new word there…)

Plastic Table Cloths are inherently waterproof and are made as thinly as possible to enable them to drape over the sides of a table. The plastic table cloths are tear resistant and difficult to damage however creases and folds in the product are more apparent than the silk product.

The creases on the Silk tablecovers once layed on a table are much less apparent and offer a more sophisticated dining experience.

We are often asked why we stock both types of product and would offer the explanation that the Silk tablecovers are more suited for use with adults and in restaurants and that plastic tablecloths suit kids parties better (the plastic tablecloths are a much cheaper option too)

Silk Wipeable Table Cloths

Silk Wipeable Table Cloths

Plastic Wipeable Table Cloths

Plastic Wipeable Table Cloths

Black ‘Silk’ Wipeable Table Covers

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Event Supplies are delighted to announce that we have now expanded our range of Wipeable Table Cloths to include the colour black.

These Black Wipeable ‘Silk’ Tablecloths are available in 90cm x 90cm.

We can of course supply these or any other colours in a Wipeable Banquet Roll by special order. Should you wish to order a Silk banquet roll please telephone 0844 4995456 to speak to a member of our team.

These Wipeable Table Cloths and Slipcovers are an alternative to linen – soft feel and tear resistant.

Tablecovers are high quality, reusable & soft to the touch with excellent drapability. The protective coating on this product means that any spilled food or drink can be wiped up easily and quickly.