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Tall Translucent Water Cooler Cups – Promotional Prices

Monday, March 4th, 2013

We’re offering the larger 9oz size of water cooler cups at the discounted rate of £19.50 while stocks last; these are available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. We have a finite quantity of cases available at this rate, which is by far and away the lowest you’ll find anywhere in the UK (we’ve checked!).

The most common size of water cup is definitely the 7oz size – these are commonplace in Schools, Universities and especially the workplace. The larger 9oz variant is normally used where offices find employees are taking multiple cups / or simply where a larger serving is required. We personally find that Gyms and Health Clubs are the biggest users of this cup size.

This promotional price means that the 9oz clear cups are only £2.00 more expensive per case than the 7oz size, meaning each cup is £0.001 more expensive despite holding nearly 30% more liquid.

We can supply either full cases or pallet quantities of this product, please get in touch through the normal channels for more information.


9oz Tall Translucent Water Cups (Non-Vending)

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

By popular demand, we are now once again stocking the 9oz tall clear water cooler cups. These high quality PP (Polypropylene) plastic cups are ideally suited to use in cup dispensers alongside office water cooler machines.

In addition to re-launching the 9oz size of water cup, we’ve also been able source the items at a more competitive price. In turn we have passed this saving onto our customers. A full case (2,000) cups previously sold for £38.99, thanks to our purchasing team we’re now able to offer the same product at the everyday low price of £29.99 – representing a huge saving of £9 per case.

For customers who prefer to purchase these products in smaller quantities we’ve also reduced the price of a sealed sleeve (100 cups) from £2.10 to £1.75.

The 9oz water cups are available from stock with immediate effect; pallet quantities are also available on request.

9oz Tall Translucent Non-Vending Plastic Cups

9oz Clear Plastic Cups