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Why Choose Biodegradable Plates?

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

We can supply two grades of disposable plates, either a traditional paper plate or the new sugarcane biodegradable plates, but why should you opt for the more expensive sugarcane variety? This very much depends on your requirements, many customers find that the standard grade of disposable paper plate is a perfectly adequate and economical choice.

The benefits of using the sugarcane plates become apparent when you intend to serve hot or oily foods.  Because the sugarcane or “Bagasse” material is thicker and more rigid, the plate’s integrity is not compromised by foods of this nature; this means no more soggy absorbent plates!

Another key benefit of our biodegradable plates, and indeed the rest of our sugarcane range, is the ability to use the plates in a Microwave. This is ideal for cooking / reheating snacks or pasta based meals.

You can find a full range of biodegradable plates under our “biodegradable tableware” category, along with a meal boxes, trays and other food containers.

We stock our range of round sugarcane plates in the following sizes:

6″ Biodegradable Plates – £4.01 per pack (125)

7″ Biodegradable Plates – £5.50 per pack (125)

9″ Biodegradable Plates – £9.01 per pack (125)

10″ Biodegradable Plates – £12.19 per pack (125)

In addition to the prices above, we also supply the items in full case quantities of 500 plates. This represents the most cost effective way of purchasing larger volumes.

Biodegradable Plates

Biodegradable Plates

Biodegradable Plates

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

New to the event supplies range are our Biodegradable Plates manufactured from Bagasse (Sugarcane waste material) which include the standard Round plates in 10”, 9”, 7”, 6” and 12” Oval sizes but also a range of Biodegradable Square Plates and Rectangular trays.

These products are light yet sturdy and offer professional looking food display at minimal cost.

All our Biodegradable Tableware is produced from renewable sources as it is manufactured from the waste material from sugarcane crop, which would otherwise be lost.

Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable Tableware

Bagasse tableware is fast replacing EPS alternatives (expanded polystyrene, often referred to as Styrofoam) which are increasingly regarded as environmentally unacceptable. Bagasse tableware benefits from a wide range of attributes including being suitable for hot or oily foods, microwavable, fridge freezer safe and of course being biodegradable.

Biodegradable Tableware

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Introducing our new range of Biodegradable Tableware, this consists of Biodegradable plates, bowls, food containers and straws. The range is manufactured from 100% natural and renewable sugarcane fibre, a resource which would not otherwise be utilised. This means that our sugarcane products are very environmentally friendly.

Unlike traditional paper plates, which feature a wax coating, sugarcane products are completely compostable. A sugarcane product will completely decompose in soil within 180 days or 14 days in water, meaning they can be ethically disposed of through regular household waste, a commercial disposal facility or garden composting container.

In addition to the environmental advantages; sugarcane based products are more rigid than their paper counterparts, making them suitable for greasy/oily foods and for use in microwaves.

biodegradable tableware

biodegradable tableware