Bagasse / Sugarcane Tableware – as seen on TV!

Eagle eyed customers may have noticed our Sugarcane bowls featured on Heston’s Fantastical Food – aired on Channel 4 on December 19th. The show featured a gigantic Christmas pudding, so much so that it was large enough to step inside!

The plus-sized pudding was served to a large crowd of onlookers in 16oz Sugarcane bowls, a product we specifically market for use with hot or oily foods. The increased rigidity of our biodegradable products is well suited to outdoor events, or where more substantial servings are anticipated. Regular disposable paper plates will bend and distort under the weight of a Christmas pudding portion whereas our Sugarcane bowls are far sturdier and will retain their original shape.

Our biodegradable range consists of the following product types:

  • Round plates (6-10”)
  • Square plates (15-26cm)
  • Bowls (12-16oz)
  • Food boxes (For Burgers / Fish + Chips)
  • Compartment containers

As Heston Blumenthal so aptly demonstrated; these are a fantastic disposable solution for outdoor catering, available in a range of sizes and pack configurations to suit most requirements.

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Biodegradable Tableware

Introducing our new range of Biodegradable Tableware, this consists of Biodegradable plates, bowls, food containers and straws. The range is manufactured from 100% natural and renewable sugarcane fibre, a resource which would not otherwise be utilised. This means that our sugarcane products are very environmentally friendly.

Unlike traditional paper plates, which feature a wax coating, sugarcane products are completely compostable. A sugarcane product will completely decompose in soil within 180 days or 14 days in water, meaning they can be ethically disposed of through regular household waste, a commercial disposal facility or garden composting container.

In addition to the environmental advantages; sugarcane based products are more rigid than their paper counterparts, making them suitable for greasy/oily foods and for use in microwaves.

biodegradable tableware
biodegradable tableware