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White Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses & Champagne Flutes

Friday, April 13th, 2018

reusable plastic wineglassesWe’ve added 2 new items to our popular range of Elite reusable polycarbonate stemmed glasses. These are the White 11oz premium wineglasses and the 6.5oz champagne flutes, the same high quality items as the clear versions but finished in a high-gloss White.

The reusable wineglasses are available in a range of sizes:

  • 9oz (lined at 175ml)
  • 11oz (lined at 125ml, 175ml and 250ml)
  • 14oz (lined at 250ml)

Our champagne flutes come in a single 6.5oz size with an optional line at 125ml for the usual measure of champagne.

The coloured glossy versions of these glasses are a great option for home use, they’re extremely durable and ideal for parties and outdoor occasions.

Please note that the coloured (Black and White) versions of our Champagne and Wineglasses do not carry a fill measure or line due to their solid nature. If you require a fill measure, please look at our clear polycarbonate glasses instead.

Our range of Reusable Plastic Wineglasses and Champagne Flutes can be found at:

Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Event Supplies are pleased to announce we have introduced two new Reusable Wine Glasses

Our new 5oz Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses and 12oz Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses are available from just £39.95/100 and £33.60/50 respectively. These glasses are manufactured from SAN material (styrene acrylonitrile), are machine washable, have good strength and clarity and can withstand dropping but not standing on. SAN Plastic Glasses look like glass and SAN is a tough plastic that can take a lot of heavy usage.

All our glasses are manufactured to European and US Food and Drug Approval.

5oz Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses