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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably spotted that we’ve had a complete overhaul of our website and brought it bang up to date. We’ve been trading online for well over a decade, our store has grown from a small range of disposable products to a site containing a huge range of disposable catering supplies, reusable plastic glasses, biodegradable catering supplies and much more.

Due to the ever increasing range of products we needed a fresh new design that makes these easier to find and a site that’s easier to navigate.

We’ve condensed the number of categories and arranged products in more logical places in the interest of improving the customer experience.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any comments on the new design, hopefully it’ll have a positive effect as you browse the site.

All customer accounts have been translated across to the new site, if you require order history from the old website we can always provide this on request.

Polycarbonate Stackable Plastic Glasses Promotion

In conjunction with the manufacturer, we’re offering reduced pricing on this range throughout August and September. The aim of this offer is to promote the use of safer Polycarbonate plastic in bars and licensed venues over more traditional glassware, reducing injuries that arise from broken glass.

Included in this offer are the 9oz stackable rocks / Whisky glasses, the 10oz half pint hiball glasses and the 20oz stackable hiball glasses. These are all targeted directly at the bar trade and companies offering bar supplies – because of their stackable designed the tumblers are ideal for use behind the bar or where space is at a premium.

As with the rest of our Polycarbonate reusable items, the range is made from high quality plastic and tested in excess of 500 cycles in the glass washer. In terms of rigidity, strength is far higher than even toughened glassware; in fact they’re near impossible to break under normal circumstances.

All our polycarbonate reusable glasses are fully FDA approved and made from virgin food grade polycarbonate.

9oz Stackable Rocks Glasses – £16.50 per case (48)

10oz Stackable Hiball – £21.50 per case (48)

20oz Stackable Hiball – £31.95 per case (48)

New Reusable Plastic Dessert / Tasting Pot

Introducing the new reusable Crystal Polystyrene tasting pot, this tough glass washer friendly vessel is manufactured to European and US Food and Drug Approval guidelines. Designed primarily as a premium container for dessert / product samples or smaller trifles, this 65ml container is designed to be reused in excess of 100 times without visual degradation.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Top Width: 47mm
  • Bottom Width: 36mm
  • Overall Height: 75mm

Available only in a 65ml size, the product is available as a case of 84 glasses. Manufactured exclusively in the UK.

Click here for more information.

Plastic Dessert Sampling Pots
Plastic Dessert Sampling Pots

Reusable Polycarbonate Remedy and Whisky Glasses

Perfect for replacing dangerous glassware in bars and pubs, our Polycarbonate Remedy Rocks range of glasses are designed to both look and feel like their glass counterparts. These strong Gibraltar plastic glasses are made of high-grade Polycarbonate, testing in excess of 500 wash cycles. Discounts are available for full pallet quantities.

Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses
Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses

In order to maximise and further extend the life of our polycarbonate glasses, we recommend the use of our Washware Chemicals. This Detergant and Rinse additive is specifically designed for licensed venues wishing to keep their Polycarbonate glasses looking brand new. The Washware Chemicals achieve this by targeting the following areas: –

  • Reduces water spotting and streaking
  • Stopping any gradual “yellowing” of the plastic
  • Decreases drying times
  • Maintains opacity

Polycarbonate Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid
Polycarbonate Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid

New CE Marked Rigid Reusable Plastic Glasses

We now have in stock a brand new range of rigid Crystal Polystyrene reusable plastic glasses. These glasses  are the ideal for occasions where traditional disposable plastics would prove too informal, but Polycarbonate glassware proves prohibitively expensive. Our new Rigid range is tough, and approved in excess of 100 glass washer cycles. High quality Crystal Polystyrene means that the glasses are completely translucent and not opaque.

This range is available in both 20oz (pint) and 10oz (half pint) CE marked varieties:

10oz Rigid CE marked reusable half-pint plastic glasses
20oz Rigid CE marked reusable pint plastic glasses

Reusable Plastic Glasses
Reusable Plastic Glasses