2-Pint “Queue Buster” 40oz Plastic Tumblers

Katerglass 2 pint plastic tumblers
Katerglass 2 pint plastic tumblers

We’ve managed to significantly reduce the price of our largest disposable glasses, the 2-pint Katerglass “Queue Buster” tumblers. The savings we’ve made on the purchase price have been passed straight onto our customers in the form of reduced full-case prices.

This is a fairly specialised sort of tumbler; its main use is at music venues and events with busy high-turnover bars. There are multiple benefits to this; the customer purchases the beverage as a 2-pint quantity, reducing serving time and labour.  It also means fewer trips to the bar for customers – great for easing congestion around busy bar areas.

The item itself is made from incredibly tough polypropylene, far thicker than the grade used for pint glasses due to the increased vessel size. This helps keep 40oz of liquid in the glass and reduce spillages.

The case price reduction is from £43.00 to £35.00 – an amazing saving of £8 per case. This reduces the unit cost down to 29p per glass making this item great for bar use. Further discounts are available for quantities of 15 cases or more, call 0844 4995456 for more details.

As with the rest of our disposable glasses, these are fully recyclable after use – we are strong believers in supplying eco-centric disposable products that don’t cost the earth.

Link: Katerglass 2-pint plastic tumblers