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Quality Banquet Paper…..

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Event Supplies offer banquet rolls made from 42gsm paper as standard, the norm in this country is for banquet paper to be made from 38gsm paper.

It wasn’t always like this, 10-15 years ago the standard thickness of banquet paper was 60gsm!

The reason for this change in quality is price and loss of competition from smaller shops , now we have the ‘big 4’ supermarkets who can (to some suppliers) dictate the price they are willing to pay for a product.


Many companies which supply the supermarkets are asked to produce a product to a price which means taking something out of usually good products in order that they can be sold for 99p!


We try to buck this trend by not allowing large customers to dictate the quality of our products. Many manufacturers will not produce two types of  one product so when large orders from supermarkets are secured the product that you are used to buying is no longer manufactured and you are offered the reduced quality product (usually at the same price as before and often under the supermarkets own brand name)


Supermarkets will not advertise the fact that the banquet paper is lower quality and many make no mention of the thickness of the paper because they believe the customer is either unaware of the change or they believe that the customer doesn’t know the difference, most people wouldn’t, who is interested about the thickness of disposable paper table cloths and banquet rolls?

Sadly only me!


We do now offer 38gsm Banquet Rolls, and clearly advertise them as such. We decided to offer these products in response to the price comparison websites who make no mention of the quality of the products available, sadly only the cheapest get a mention!

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