New lower prices on Polycarbonate Remedy Rocks Glasses

Thanks to a new and improved mould, we’ve reduced the prices on our popular range of Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses. The new and improved tooling means that these plastic glasses are now more cost-effective to produce; as such we’re passing the savings directly onto our customers. Many items from the range have been reduced by up to 10%.

The Remedy Rocks Polycarbonate plastic glasses are available in sizes ranging from 7oz to 20oz, both tall (hiball) and squat styles with CE marking available on 10, 12, and 20oz sizes.  We also stock a 25ml polycarbonate shot glass in a style to complement the Remedy glasses.

For more information on the range, see the Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses category on our website, or give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

Remedy Rocks Polycarbonate Glasses
Remedy Rocks Polycarbonate Glasses

Reusable Polycarbonate Remedy and Whisky Glasses

Perfect for replacing dangerous glassware in bars and pubs, our Polycarbonate Remedy Rocks range of glasses are designed to both look and feel like their glass counterparts. These strong Gibraltar plastic glasses are made of high-grade Polycarbonate, testing in excess of 500 wash cycles. Discounts are available for full pallet quantities.

Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses
Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses

In order to maximise and further extend the life of our polycarbonate glasses, we recommend the use of our Washware Chemicals. This Detergant and Rinse additive is specifically designed for licensed venues wishing to keep their Polycarbonate glasses looking brand new. The Washware Chemicals achieve this by targeting the following areas: –

  • Reduces water spotting and streaking
  • Stopping any gradual “yellowing” of the plastic
  • Decreases drying times
  • Maintains opacity

Polycarbonate Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid
Polycarbonate Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid

Discounted Reusable Plastic Glasses

We are pleased to announce we have permanently reduced our prices for our ECON range of CE marked rigid Half Pint and rigid Plastic Pint Glasses.

These CE Marked Polystyrene glasses are machine washable and have been through 100 dishwasher cycles without showing any signs of wear and tear. All goods are available ex-works and our pallet rate prices are now substantially reduced as follows;

10oz Econ Reusable Half Pint Glasses               £7.80/100        Min 64 cases

20oz Econ Reusable Pint Glasses                     £10.74/100      Min 48 cases

Our Nonic Polycarbonate and Polystyrene plastic pint glasses are now also reduced as follows:

Nonic Pint Polycarbonate Glasses                     £21.99/60

Nonic Polycarbonate Half Pint Glasses               £16.99/72

Polystyrene Nonic Pint Glasses                        £6.99/60

Polystyrene Nonic Half Pint Glasses                  £9.99/100

Polycarbonate Martini Glasses

Event Supplies are pleased to announce we have introduced a new Polycarbonate Martini Glass to our range of Reusable Plastic Glasses.

These new glasses are available from just £17.50 for 12 Martini Glasses.

Manufactured from Virtually Unbreakable  Polycarbonate Material these Glass washer friendly polycarbonate glasses have been tested in excess of 500 dishwasher cycles without showing signs of degradation.

All our glasses are manufactured to European and US Food and Drug Approval.

Polycarbonate Plastic Reusable Martini Glasses
Polycarbonate Plastic Reusable Martini Glasses