New 5oz Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses

These 5oz reusable wine glasses are now back in stock and available for immediate dispatch. Designed to be continually reused, these stemmed polystyrene glasses are strong enough to withstand commercial use in pubs and bars.

The product has been tested for visible degradation in excess of 100 cycles in the glass washer and is available with or without a CE stamp, this makes them ideally suited to both private functions and use at licensed premises.

The 125ml size is comparable to a small glass of wine, or a sampling glass. The dimensions are:

Top diameter: 65mm

Height: 124mm

Maximum Capacity 142ml (lined at 125ml)

Reusable 5oz Plastic Wineglasses
Reusable 5oz Plastic Wineglasses

Diamond Jubilee 2012 Catering Supplies

To help you celebrate the queens royal Diamond Jubilee 2012 Event Supplies are offering a specially selected range of disposable catering and party supplies.

To mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June. Many of our customers are celebrating the occasion with privately organized local events, these range in size from smaller indoor gatherings to larger outdoor celebrations with thousands of anticipated attendees.

We’ve put together a series of promotions to help you celebrate the occasion in style without costing the earth

Disposable Plastic Glasses

We can supply disposable plastic glasses for beer, soft drinks or spirits in two main types. The high quality Katerglass range is the stronger of the two glasses, made from high-quality injection-molded PP these tumblers are far stronger than any other disposable plastic glasses currently available. The flexible beer glass range of pint/half pint plastic glasses are most cost effective, but do not feature the same level of rigidity.

Premium Katerglass Tumblers – from £2.10 (50) or £38.23 (1,000)

Flexible Beer Glasses – from £2.05 (50) or £29.99 (1,000)

Disposable Wine Glasses

High clarity crystal-styrene plastic wineglasses are perfect for outdoor occasions. We can supply both smaller (6oz/175ml) or larger (200ml/8oz) wineglasses either as smaller packs or full cases depending on your requirements. Our wine glasses are available as either single-piece items or with a detachable base for compact storage.

6oz/175ml Small Stemmed Plastic Wine Glasses – from £0.90 (6) or £13.99 (144)

Large 8oz/200ml Wine Goblets – from £2.12 (12) or £58.69 (540)

Paper Plates

Disposable plates are available as either a traditional flexible paper plate or a more rigid biodegradable item. The standard disposable plates are made from virgin grade paper, ideal where larger volumes are required or where smaller plates of cold food will be served. Our high-quality ‘sugarcane’ plates are far stronger items, the increased rigidity coming from use of thicker material. This type of plate is far more suitable where hotter foods will be served and eaten on the move. The material is also suitable for greasy foods and is even suitable for use in the microwave!

Disposable Paper Plates – from £1.90 (100) or £17.30 (1,000)

Biodegradable Sugarcane Plates – from £4.01 (125) or £28.99 (1,000)

This is just a small extract from the range of products we can supply – if you require assistance or advice with the planning of your event, simply give our friendly sales team a call on 0844 4995456

New and improved 6oz (175ml) Plastic Wine Glasses

We’ve revised the design of the popular 6oz size of disposable plastic wine glasses.  These now feature a more traditional stem and base design, this mean that the glasses are now easier and more comfortable to hold.

In addition to the aesthetic changes to the wine glass, we’ve also increased the thickness of the plastic used on the product; the end result is stronger wine glass that will not flex as easily when filled with liquid.

Despite these improvements we have been able to maintain our current price point of £13.99 per case (144 glasses per case). Although often overlooked, the packaging of this product has been specifically designed to be extra-durable – the thick double walled boxes help to ensure that you don’t encounter breakages or other carriage related defects.

6oz Disposable Wineglasses – £13.99 / 144