5 must-have festival and nightclub supplies for 2021

UK festivals and nightclubs will return to the UK by the end of June, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s schedule to remove lockdown restrictions.

The news has raised hopes for event organisers and event goers alike.

Are you prepared?

For when things return to a degree of normality, we’ve put together a list of must-have supplies for event organisers.

These products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Water cooler cups

Our water cups are great for small and large events, providing an economical solution to serve water and soft drinks to customers.

As with all our water cups, these items are fully recyclable with regular plastic waste.

Great for: Soft drinks.

White water cups
White water cups
Clear water cups
Clear water cups

Tumblers and beer cups

Plastic beer cups are always best-sellers at festivals and bars serving alcoholic beverages. CE Marked and available in multiple sizes, these cups can be bought with flat lids to make the perfect takeaway pint.

Great for: Alcoholic beverages and takeaway pints.

10oz flexi beer cups
10oz flexi beer cups
20oz biodegradable pint glasses
20oz biodegradable pint glasses

Food takeout containers

Leak and grease resistant, our food boxes will easily hold cold, wet and dry foods. They are suitable for many occasions.

Our bagasse containers are also highly popular. These containers are manufactured from 100% natural sugarcane fibre which makes them fully compostable.

Great for: Food vendors, food stalls, takeaways and fast food.

No 4 Kraft food box
No 4 Kraft food box
Compartment bagasse container
Compartment bagasse container


Made from uncoated virgin grade paper, our paper straws are biodegradable and compostable. These are ideal for customers who prefer a straw with their drinks.

Plastic straws including smoothie straws may be sold to registered UK businesses. Please contact us for more information.

Great for: Soft drinks.

Red striped paper straws
Red striped paper straws
Biodegradable plastic straws
Biodegradable plastic straws

Biodegradable alternatives

We are committed to offering eco-friendly solutions to customers. This includes products made of natural and biodegradable materials, as well as plastic-free products.

You can find an alternative to almost everything in our catalog. Please visit our dedicated section on our website.

The government will continue to monitor COVID-19 infection rates throughout the year and will change in accordance with data.

Clearance 7oz Water Cooler Cups

We’ve got a limited quantity of clearance 7oz clear water cups, these are “factory seconds” that were rejected due to a slightly discolouration.  We have strictly quality control procedures in place that prevent the sale of these items; as such we’re offering these at a clearance price while stocks last.

For full case quantities, please give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

The cups have a slight discolouration, this results in a subtle yellow tint, only really noticeable when the cups are stacked in a full sleeve. Other than this discolouration the cups are identical to our regular stock of non-vending water cups.

Our water cups (non-vending) are great for use with water coolers or cup dispensers, commonly used in schools, offices or as a general purpose water vessel at parties.

Maximum capacity is 227ml with a rim diameter of 70mm. As with our regular non-vending plastic cups these have a weight of 2.5g per item.

Ebay listing: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271136861114 (Ends 10th February 2013)

7oz water cooler cups

New Premium Squat Water Cooler Cups

We now give customers a choice of either a ‘value’ branded cup or a ‘premium’ squat non-vending cup.

The three main differences between these products are the item weight, the design / rolling of the cup rim and the base material. Our standard ‘value’ grade of squat cup has a weight of 2.5g, a semi-rolled rim and is made from PolyPropylene.  The more expensive ‘premium’ cup is made from thicker Polystyrene plastic (3.3g) and has a full tightly rolled rim.

Choosing the correct cup depends on its intended usage, customers simply looking to purchase an economical non-vend cup with squat proportions would be best served by the value item. This has a lower cost-per-unit and is perfect for high volume catering use. The thicker ‘premium’ cups are best suited to dental use where a tightly rolled rim is important, the thicker plastic also makes them resistant to spillages. Customers looking to use these cups in school water dispenses also tend to choose the ‘premium’ cup with a more tightly rolled rim.

Please see out water cooler cups category for pricing information on these items

Plastic Water Cooler Cups
Plastic Water Cooler Cups

Disposable Plastic Cups for Water Coolers

Our non-vending disposable cups are most commonly used in the office environment alongside water coolers and dispensers. These are either stored in either a plastic cup dispenser or next to the cooler in a full case.

Customers have found that although our full cases are an economical way to buy these cups, the boxes are often too large to sit next to the cooler. It is for circumstances such as these that we’ve launched the popular 7oz tall translucent cups in smaller packs of 1,000. The box size is designed to be compact so they can sit alongside water coolers without the need for a standalone dispenser.

We are initially offering this new item at an introductory price of £9.25 per case (+VAT).

The items are the exact same specification as our existing clear plastic cups; total capacity is 210ml / 7oz.

Plastic Water Cups

7oz Water Cups (Compact Case) – £9.25 per case (1,000)

New discounts on bulk catering supplies

By popular demand, we’re now offering a section of popular products in pallet quantities. This range offers further discounts over and above those available when purchasing single cases. These offers are targeted at customers with on-going high-volume requirements or events requiring one-off bulk quantities of catering disposables.

Our volume discounts are also ideal for wholesalers and distributors – the competitively priced pallet quantities of plastic cups in particular allow for the re-distribution of goods to end-users.

We are initially offering the following products for bulk purchase:

  • Plastic Champagne flutes
  • 10,12,20 and 22oz half pint and pint plastic glasses
  • Disposable plastic water cups

Disposable champagne flutes

You can now purchase a full pallet (3,000 units) of champagne glasses, commonly used in these volumes for outdoor catering or by product promotion companies. The combination of a low cost per glass (14p per flute) and high clarity injection moulded construction make the product highly versatile. You will find our plastic flutes used everywhere from small private indoor functions to large-scale outdoor festivals and events.

Flexible plastic beer glasses

Launched as an alternative to our injection moulded polypropylene range of Katerglass tumblers, these vacuum formed plastic glasses are aimed at higher volume usage where cost per unit is the primary concern. Unlike several of the disposable pint tumblers on the market that we tested, these glasses offer a perfect compromise between rigidity and cost. Many suppliers stock economy grades of glasses that deform and collapse when held – particularly problematic for outdoor catering companies where customers will be walking around with their drinks. This type of tumbler can often cost more than a better quality item as customers will often use two cups instead of one!

Plastic water cups

These are typically purchased by the pallet load by water cooler providers seeking to offer a supply of cups alongside their water dispensers or water bottles. Our water cups are the non-vending variety, designed for use with cold drinks or with water coolers. When purchased as a pallet quantity these boxes don’t carry any of our company marking, suitable for re-sale to end users either as a packed sleeve or a full case.

We have the stock to offer a number of ranges in this configuration, If the range you require is not yet listed in this section, please give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

Blue Tinted Plastic Water Cups

In addition to our existing white and translucent water cooler cups, we now stock an aquatic blue 7oz tinted cup.  These cups feature an extra-tightly rolled smooth rim so there are no rough edges, this is especially relevant when the cups may be used by younger children. As such, we recommend this cup for use in schools where they may be used unsupervised with water dispensers.

Blue tint Plastic Water Cups are available in sleeved quantities of 100, or full cases containing 2000 cups (20 sleeves of 100). Pallet quantities are available on request; please contact our sales team for more information.

Plastic Water Cooler Cups

This month at Event Supplies our translucent and white water cooler cups are available at the promotional price of £17.50 per case of 2,000. Specifically designed for use with office water coolers and cup dispensers, these high quality disposable plastic cups are a cost effective alternative to ceramic cups and glassware in the working environment. Our disposable plastic water cups have also proved to be extremely popular with dentists and related medical use.

If you require a similar cup for use with hot drinks, why not take a look at our range of plastic vending cups?

We have pallet quantities of both products in stock and available for immediate dispatch. If you need any further details on this or any other range simply get in touch with our friendly sales team.

Water Cooler Cups
Disposable Water Cups