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New product: 2oz Mini Red Party Cup Shot Glasses

Friday, March 9th, 2018

mini red party cup shot glassesAs the standard 16oz size of Red party cups have proved so popular we’ve added further sizes to this range, including the tiny 2oz mini red party cup shot glasses. As the name suggests these are a miniaturized version of the traditional red party cups, designed for spirits / bombs / shots etc.

With the proliferation of American media we’ve seen a huge surge in popularity of range such as this. There’s a variety of games that you can play with the red party cups, the most popular of which being Beer Pong. The best explanation of this can be found on the Wikipedia page at:

The full range of red party cups comprises of the standard 16oz, the smaller 12oz and these new 2oz party bomb shots. All of which are made from 100% recyclable Polystyrene plastic with a vibrant red outer.

You can find the new red party cup shot glasses at: with the rest of the red party cups range at:

Which plastic shot glasses?

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Here at Event Supplies we stock a wide range of both disposable and reusable shot glasses. These range from cost effective Crystal Styrene items, to unbreakable Polycarbonate glasses designed for use in bars.

Our range can be summarised as follows:

Crystal Styrene shot glasses (disposable)

These single-use shots are available in both 3cl (single shot) and 5cl (double-shot) sizes. The glasses are lined at 20ml, and 20/40ml respectively, made from virgin food-grade injection-molded plastic for extra rigidity and clarity. The disposable range is ideally suited to outdoor events to product sampling.

Available as: 3cl and 5cl disposable.

5cl shot glasses

ECON Crystal Polystyrene reusable shot glasses

All ECON products are manufactured from high-quality Crystal Polystyrene. The plastic is much thicker than our disposable range of products, this means they can be continually reused and cycled through the glass washer. All ECON products are tested in excess of 100 cycles in the glass washer; this makes them very popular with bars and clubs.

It is still possible to break these shot glasses if they are subject to a sharp impact or crushed, but they are far more resistant to damage than a disposable product.

Available as: 25ml, 30ml siptail, 35ml, 50ml, 65ml reusable.

35ml ECON shotglasses

ELITE Polycarbonate shot glasses

Polycarbonate shot glasses represent the strongest possible option where a reusable glass is required.  They are tested in excess of 500 glass washer cycles, offering more resistance to water spotting and streaking. Under normal circumstances it should be near impossible to break these glasses, offering the maximum safety benefits to clubs, bars and pubs. Normally used as a direct replacement to glassware, these shot glasses are of a similar weight and feel.

Available as: 25ml remedy, 25ml penthouse, 50ml straight reusable glasses.

Siptail Mini Cocktail Shot Glasses

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Siptial is the new fun Mini Cocktail Shot Glass from Event Supplies.

With endless combinations of flavours possible, the unique twisted design makes mini cocktails a great way to drink today’s fabulous drink combinations.

Our most popular recipes are listed below:

Drink Ingredients Garnish Units
Blue Star(Clear and Blue) 12.5ml Smirnoff Red12.5ml Sourz Tropical Squeeze of Lime 0.7
Apple Square(Clear and Green) 12.5ml Smirnoff Red12.5ml Sourz Apple Squeeze of Lime 0.7
Golden Eagle(Clear and Amber Gold) 12.5ml Smirnoff Red12.5ml Jose Cuervo Tequila Squeeze of Lime 0.9
Fruit Pie(Clear and Green) 12.5ml Archers12.5ml Sourz Apple N/A 0.5
Peaches and Cream(Clear and Creamy) 12.5ml Archers12.5ml Baileys N/A 0.5
Mr Bailey(Brown and Creamy) 12.5ml Jager12.5ml Baileys N/A 0.7
Melon Ball 12.5ml Smirnoff Apple12.5ml Midori Squeeze of Lime 0.7
Slippery Nipple(Clear and Creamy) 12.5ml Romana Sambuca12.5ml Baileys N/A 0.7
Lime Green(Clear and Green) 12.5ml Smirnoff Lime12.5ml Midori Squeeze of Lime 0.7
 (Clear and Blue) 12.5ml Smirnoff Blueberry12.5ml Baileys Drop of Grenadine 0.7

Click here for more information

Siptail Reusable Mini Cocktail Shot Glasses

New Reusable Plastic Dessert / Tasting Pot

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Introducing the new reusable Crystal Polystyrene tasting pot, this tough glass washer friendly vessel is manufactured to European and US Food and Drug Approval guidelines. Designed primarily as a premium container for dessert / product samples or smaller trifles, this 65ml container is designed to be reused in excess of 100 times without visual degradation.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Top Width: 47mm
  • Bottom Width: 36mm
  • Overall Height: 75mm

Available only in a 65ml size, the product is available as a case of 84 glasses. Manufactured exclusively in the UK.

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Plastic Dessert Sampling Pots

Plastic Dessert Sampling Pots

Plastic Shot Glasses

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

We are pleased to announce we have permanently reduced our 5cl Plastic Shot Glass to only £1.40 for 50 and £35.30 for 2000 and introduced a 3cl disposable shot glass to our range at 95p for 50 and £16.95/1000.

Our 5cl plastic shot glass is lined at 20ml and 40ml, the 3cl is lined at 20ml.

Plastic Shot Glasses

Plastic Shot Glasses