Red Party Cups – Great for the Party Season

We stock a full range of the ever popular Red American party cups, this is comprised of 3 sizes; 2oz (shot shot size), 12oz (small size party cups) and 16oz (the most popular full size cups).

These items prove hugely popular at parties / events, or just for use in the home. This is mainly due to the proliferation of American media on our screens – they’re a very common sight across the pond and have rapidly gained popularity on our shores too now.

The most popular use of these glasses is for beer pong (read more here: This is a team-based drinking game that uses the Red party cups and ping pong balls, basically shooting the ping pong balls into the cups so the other team has to consume their contents.

Over the past couple of years the 16oz party cups in particular have become synonymous with university drinking games in the UK and have been widely adopted and part of our youth culture.

With the Christmas party seasons just around the corner you’re bound to see these all over the place very soon.

You can find our range of American party cups on the site at:

2-Pint “Queue Buster” 40oz Plastic Tumblers

Katerglass 2 pint plastic tumblers
Katerglass 2 pint plastic tumblers

We’ve managed to significantly reduce the price of our largest disposable glasses, the 2-pint Katerglass “Queue Buster” tumblers. The savings we’ve made on the purchase price have been passed straight onto our customers in the form of reduced full-case prices.

This is a fairly specialised sort of tumbler; its main use is at music venues and events with busy high-turnover bars. There are multiple benefits to this; the customer purchases the beverage as a 2-pint quantity, reducing serving time and labour.  It also means fewer trips to the bar for customers – great for easing congestion around busy bar areas.

The item itself is made from incredibly tough polypropylene, far thicker than the grade used for pint glasses due to the increased vessel size. This helps keep 40oz of liquid in the glass and reduce spillages.

The case price reduction is from £43.00 to £35.00 – an amazing saving of £8 per case. This reduces the unit cost down to 29p per glass making this item great for bar use. Further discounts are available for quantities of 15 cases or more, call 0844 4995456 for more details.

As with the rest of our disposable glasses, these are fully recyclable after use – we are strong believers in supplying eco-centric disposable products that don’t cost the earth.

Link: Katerglass 2-pint plastic tumblers

Mulled Wine Glasses

Mulled wine is a festive beverage traditionally consumed during the winter months – derived from red wine and seasoned with spices.

We’re commonly asked for vessel recommendations for drinking Mulled Wine at this time for year – summarised below are our top suggestions to suit mixed budgets and material preferences.

For customers looking to make their own Mulled Wine, this article from the Guardian is an informative read:

Disposable Tumblers (Plastic)

Where a stemmed glass is required, the 200ml goblets always prove popular. The rigid crystal styrene is not affected by the warm liquid – completely safe for warm drinks. The distinctive stemmed design also makes this an attractive choice for indoor or formal use.

If a traditional tumbler is preferred then the 8oz airline tumbler is an attractive and convenient choice – these also have the advantage of being easily stackable where larger quantities are required. The 8oz capacity is always the most popular choice for Mulled Wine – glasses are traditionally half-filled with this beverage.

Paper Cups

Although many of our paper cups carry generic branded suited to Coffee or Tea, the plain brown Kraft cups in the smaller 8oz size are an excellent choice if you’re serving mulled wine. As these cups are fully insulated you will not feel any excess temperature through the thick outer lining.

Reusable Glasses

For customers wanted a stronger or reusable glass, we offer a hot drink cup made from extra-strong Polycarbonate, the same material used for police riot shields!  These glasses are unbreakable, but also look a lot like traditional glassware. Reusable glasses are made from thicker plastic so offer more insulation than disposable tumblers. Polycarbonate is also unaffected by hot liquids – completely food safe and approved for all beverages.

Product Promotion: 8oz “ISAP” Crystal Styrene Plastic Glasses

Although we will be continuing to stock a crystal styrene plastic soft drink glass with an 8oz capacity, a change in manufacturer means that we’re offering the current shape of glass at a promotional price until the stock is depleted. Once we’ve sold our current stock holding this product will revert to full price.

The special offer price of £38.99 applies to customers purchasing full case quantities of 1,000 cups, although you can still purchase smaller sleeves of 50 cups for the regular price of £3.02 per pack.

Crystal styrene offers the highest clarity available for disposable plastic tumblers; this avoids the semi-translucent appearance of some polypropylene items. The 8oz soft drink glasses are completely transparent.

8oz ISAP Glasses
8oz ISAP Glasses – £55.55 per case (1,500) / £3.02 per pack (50)

Crystal styrene rigid plastic glasses

We’ve expanded our range of disposable plastic drinking cups to include a wider range of sizes, we can supply 6, 7, 8 and 10oz sizes – all available in the same hi-clarity crystal clear plastic.

Crystal styrene is the material of choice where a completely translucent cup is desirable over a clouded glass. In particular, this makes for a more professional appearance where cocktails or mixers are served.

The 6oz size is traditionally used for smaller mixers, or for shots of whisky. 7 and 8oz sizes are generally more suited to soft drinks and general beverages, whereas the 10oz/300ml glass is often used for tall drinks or cocktails. Depending on the size, these glasses can also be used with bottled beers and cider – these have a capacity of 284ml.

All 4 sizes are available as either a packed sleeve or full case. There are 50 glasses per sleeve or 40 glasses for the 10oz size. Where larger volumes are required the product can be purchased as a complete case of 1,500, or 1,200 for the 10oz cups.

All crystal styrene plastic glasses are fully recyclable and carry the relevant recycling stamp.

The full range is available from stock.

Crystal Styrene Plastic Cups
Crystal Styrene Plastic Cups

Blue Tinted Plastic Water Cups

In addition to our existing white and translucent water cooler cups, we now stock an aquatic blue 7oz tinted cup.  These cups feature an extra-tightly rolled smooth rim so there are no rough edges, this is especially relevant when the cups may be used by younger children. As such, we recommend this cup for use in schools where they may be used unsupervised with water dispensers.

Blue tint Plastic Water Cups are available in sleeved quantities of 100, or full cases containing 2000 cups (20 sleeves of 100). Pallet quantities are available on request; please contact our sales team for more information.

Diamond Jubilee 2012 Catering Supplies

To help you celebrate the queens royal Diamond Jubilee 2012 Event Supplies are offering a specially selected range of disposable catering and party supplies.

To mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June. Many of our customers are celebrating the occasion with privately organized local events, these range in size from smaller indoor gatherings to larger outdoor celebrations with thousands of anticipated attendees.

We’ve put together a series of promotions to help you celebrate the occasion in style without costing the earth

Disposable Plastic Glasses

We can supply disposable plastic glasses for beer, soft drinks or spirits in two main types. The high quality Katerglass range is the stronger of the two glasses, made from high-quality injection-molded PP these tumblers are far stronger than any other disposable plastic glasses currently available. The flexible beer glass range of pint/half pint plastic glasses are most cost effective, but do not feature the same level of rigidity.

Premium Katerglass Tumblers – from £2.10 (50) or £38.23 (1,000)

Flexible Beer Glasses – from £2.05 (50) or £29.99 (1,000)

Disposable Wine Glasses

High clarity crystal-styrene plastic wineglasses are perfect for outdoor occasions. We can supply both smaller (6oz/175ml) or larger (200ml/8oz) wineglasses either as smaller packs or full cases depending on your requirements. Our wine glasses are available as either single-piece items or with a detachable base for compact storage.

6oz/175ml Small Stemmed Plastic Wine Glasses – from £0.90 (6) or £13.99 (144)

Large 8oz/200ml Wine Goblets – from £2.12 (12) or £58.69 (540)

Paper Plates

Disposable plates are available as either a traditional flexible paper plate or a more rigid biodegradable item. The standard disposable plates are made from virgin grade paper, ideal where larger volumes are required or where smaller plates of cold food will be served. Our high-quality ‘sugarcane’ plates are far stronger items, the increased rigidity coming from use of thicker material. This type of plate is far more suitable where hotter foods will be served and eaten on the move. The material is also suitable for greasy foods and is even suitable for use in the microwave!

Disposable Paper Plates – from £1.90 (100) or £17.30 (1,000)

Biodegradable Sugarcane Plates – from £4.01 (125) or £28.99 (1,000)

This is just a small extract from the range of products we can supply – if you require assistance or advice with the planning of your event, simply give our friendly sales team a call on 0844 4995456

Which Plastic Glasses?

Here at Event Supplies we stock a wide variety of disposable plastic glasses, we often get asked which pint and half-pint glasses are most suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

In our disposable range we carry 2 main types of plastic glasses, the Katerglass and the flexible range.

Katerglass – Available in both brimfull (10oz, 20oz) and oversize (12oz, 22oz) varieties. These are our premium disposable plastic glasses, designed for maximum strength and structural integrity. The Rolled rim prevents the cups from having sharp edges and makes for a comfortable drinking experience. The Katerglass range also feature a ‘ridge’ halfway down – this reduces the risk of spillages when the glasses are held tightly.

Ideally suited to indoor Events, premium functions or home parties where a high quality tumbler is desirable.

Both the pints and half pint Katerglass tumblers are CE stamped.

Flexible Tumblers – Introduced as a more cost effective alternative to our Katerglass range.  These glasses are vacuum-formed (as opposed to injection moulded), reducing cost and providing a cheaper alternative where large volumes are involved, or perhaps where budges are restrictive. The Flexible range delivers a good standard of disposable glass at a very competitive price.

As with the Katerglass tumblers, these glasses are CE stamped and approved in the UK for use with weights and measures.

Reusable Polycarbonate Remedy and Whisky Glasses

Perfect for replacing dangerous glassware in bars and pubs, our Polycarbonate Remedy Rocks range of glasses are designed to both look and feel like their glass counterparts. These strong Gibraltar plastic glasses are made of high-grade Polycarbonate, testing in excess of 500 wash cycles. Discounts are available for full pallet quantities.

Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses
Polycarbonate Remedy Glasses

In order to maximise and further extend the life of our polycarbonate glasses, we recommend the use of our Washware Chemicals. This Detergant and Rinse additive is specifically designed for licensed venues wishing to keep their Polycarbonate glasses looking brand new. The Washware Chemicals achieve this by targeting the following areas: –

  • Reduces water spotting and streaking
  • Stopping any gradual “yellowing” of the plastic
  • Decreases drying times
  • Maintains opacity

Polycarbonate Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid
Polycarbonate Glass Detergent and Rinse Aid