Tableware ideas for Halloween parties and events

As Halloween approaches, we wanted to share some inspiring examples of how catering supplies can create a perfect Halloween setting.

1. Black napkins – Great for table decor

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2. Banquet rolls – Suitable for all occasions

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3. Party cups – Serving up fun

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4. Smoothie cups – Tasty treats for the kids

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5. Plastic flutes – Showcase Halloween surprises

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6. Wine glasses – Bring sparkle to the table

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10% off on Halloween supplies

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We’re wishing you a happy Halloween!

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Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes – Special Offer

For a limited time we’ve reduced the price on our 170ml disposable plastic Champagne flutes to £15.65 per case (100). Please enquire for full pallet prices.

These flutes are available from stock with free next day delivery on orders over £100. They’re lined at 100 and 125ml and a sturdy single piece design so perfect for serving Champagne or Prosecco.

You can find these Plastic Champagne Flutes on our website at:

Which Plastic Champagne Flutes Should I Buy?

plastic champagne flutesWe’ve got several different options available when it comes to our disposable champagne flutes, we’re commonly asked about the differences between these and which would be most suitable. These are summarised below:

170ml Disposable Plastic Champagne / Prosecco Flutes

This is the most common champagne flute we stock, the most popular choice for commercial usage as the glass contains a 100ml and 125ml fill line and is CE stamped. These are an injection moulded single piece flute; perfect for high volume use in terms of cost per unit but also much stronger than the more common 2-piece glasses.

4.6oz Clear Disposable Champagne Flutes

These are smaller flutes with a maximum capacity of 130ml, great for serving the common 125ml for private events or home use. These are not CE stamped but are made from slightly thicker plastic than the 170ml glasses.

4.6oz Black Disposable Champagne Flutes

The exact same flute as the clear item above, but presented in an attractive high gloss black colour. We find these are popular with themed events such as Halloween.

Plastic Champagne / Cocktail Flutes

A uniquely and unconventionally style glass, this is a high quality item made from thick injection moulded crystal polystyrene. You often see this glass used for a variety of purposes, either for champagne, wine, cocktails or sometimes even desserts. The capacity is larger than other flutes, lined at 100ml, 200ml with a maximum capacity of 256ml.

150ml Champagne Coupe

This is a smaller flute in a classic 50’s coupe style, the glass is 150ml but this is a measure right to the brim. Realistically you’d want to serve a maximum of 100ml in this glass to remain manageable. You will also see this style of glass used to create a tower of champagne flutes at formal functions and soirees. This is a 2 piece glass and requires assembly.

You can see our full range of plastic champagne flutes at:

Plastic Champagne Flutes for the Olympics

One of the most commonly requested products on the run-up to the 2012 Olympic games so far has been an affordable disposable champagne flute, specifically for use at outdoor celebrations, events at bars, or even just for use in the home.

In anticipation of the upcoming festivities, we’ve obtained increased stock of our popular 6.6oz / 184ml plastic champagne glass in order to meet the demand.

Our disposable flutes are made from high clarity crystal-clear plastic with no visible clouding, this is the same crystal-styrene used on our range of plastic wineglasses. Unlike some other cheap plastic champagne glasses available, these flutes are single-piece items, especially beneficial where larger quantities will be required. In addition to the obvious additional time required to assemble the item, we find that the bases can be prone to falling off unexpectedly.

We can supply bulk quantities of champagne flutes by the pallet on our 48 hour carrier service, available throughout the UK at no extra on orders over £100. Please be aware that until early September there are delivery restrictions in effect covering key Olympic sites.  For a full list of postcodes affected, please see our blog entry at:

You can buy these glasses online at:, alternatively you can give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456. Orders received before 1pm are delivered the next-day via Courier.

Product spotlight: Plastic Champagne Flutes

One of our most popular ranges of catering supplies has always been our Plastic Champagne Flutes.  These are available in 5 main styles to suit a variety of different occasions but fit into 2 distinct categories; these are reusable and disposable glasses.

The disposable glasses are available as either a traditional ‘tulip’ shaped flute with either a 100ml or 184ml maximum capacity, or a Champagne ‘saucer’ which mimics a vintage-style champagne glass. These are all made from hi-clarity crystal styrene, completely translucent for use at formal occasions and events. Unlike some cheap champagne flutes you might find elsewhere, our ‘tulip’ flutes are single-piece flutes that do not require any additional construction.

For occasions where a stronger flute is required we can supply 2 types of reusable glasses, these are either the Elite (Polycarbonate) or Excel (SAN) items. These plastic flutes look and feel very much like their glassware counterparts, although in the case of the Elite Polycarbonate range they have the advantage of being near unbreakable. This extra durability makes them ideal for functions where the items will be indefinitely reused, or bars where the risk of broken glass is a serious hazard.

Where a strong flute is required, but the price of polycarbonate glasses cannot be justified we offer the SAN reusable items. These have the same look and feel of the polycarbonate items, but are not quite as durable – although still very strong, it is possible to break these glasses. SAN items are tested in excess of 250 glass washer cycles whereas polycarbonate flutes are tested to 500 cycles.

Disposable range:

170ml Champagne Flutes – £14.65 per case (100)

100ml Champagne Flutes – £33.00 per case (160)

150ml Champagne Saucer – £13.99 per case (144)

Reusable Range:

185ml Polycarbonate Flutes – £15.30 per case (12)

185ml SAN Champagne Flutes – £40.80 per case (50)

If you have any further questions regarding our range of reusable or disposable plastic champagne flutes, please give our friendly sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes Promotion

Our best-selling disposable Champagne Flutes are currently available at the special promotional price of £14.65 per case (100). These are perfect for Birthdays parties, store openings, or indeed any occasion where a cost effective disposable flute is preferable to using glassware or reusable products.

We can also supply these Plastic Champagne Flutes in cellophane wrapped sleeves of 10 where smaller volumes are required – available for a limited time at only £1.80.

Disposable Plastic Champagne flutes are available all year round for next-day delivery. Have you seen these cheaper elsewhere? Give our office a call on 0844 4995456 – we won’t be beaten on price!

Plastic Champagne Flutes
Plastic Champagne Flutes Promotion

Party Plastics – high quality plastic glasses and cups

New Party Plastics!

We are pleased to announce we have permanently reduced our popular disposable Plastic Champagne Glasses to an astonishing everyday low price of £14.65 per case (100).

These one-piece high quality champagne flutes are shrink wrapped in sleeves of 10 inside the case to reduce movement inside the box and minimise any potential damage during transit. You can also purchase in smaller multiples of 10 if you are catering for a smaller event.

Plastic Champagne Glasses
Plastic Champagne Glasses

In addition we now stock a new range of vacuum formed plastic beer glasses, available in both 10 and 20oz sizes. These plastic cups are perfect for high volume outdoor events, being both rigid enough to avoid spilages and cost effective enough to use on a larger scale.

Both of these ranges are always in stock and any orders received before apm are delivered the next working day. If you need any further assistance, either view our plastic beer glasses category or give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.