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5oz Small Clear Plastic Drinking Cups

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
5oz Squat Plastic Drinking Cups

5oz Squat Plastic Drinking Cups

New in today is our new 5oz water cup – designed primarily for use with water coolers and dispensers in the workplace and in Schools.  We’ve introduced this item an alternative to our ever-popular 7oz tall clear non-vending cups, the smaller capacity allows for a reduced cost-per-unit whilst providing a comfortable and convenient means with which to dispense water. A secondary benefit to using a smaller cup is that it dissuades taking the drink away from the immediate dispensing area – the end result is that cups are disposed in the waste receptacle provided rather than left on desks or thrown on the floor.

Customers can purchase this new item in either a single cellophane wrapped sleeve of 100 cups or as a full case of 2,000 where larger quantities are required. Please enquire if you require pallet quantities.

Our clear 5oz cups are made from flexible Polypropylene – designed to flex rather than crack or break to avoid sharp edges or spilled drinks. The rim is semi-rolled for a comfortable drinking experience.

Dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: 72mm
  • Top diameter: 70mm
  • Base Diameter: 43mm

As with all our water cups, these items are fully recyclable with your regular plastic waste.

For more information, please see our Water Cooler Cups category, or go straight to the 5oz Plastic Drinking Cups. You can also find this product on our sister website (Inn Supplies) at:

Tall Translucent Water Cooler Cups – Promotional Prices

Monday, March 4th, 2013

We’re offering the larger 9oz size of water cooler cups at the discounted rate of £19.50 while stocks last; these are available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. We have a finite quantity of cases available at this rate, which is by far and away the lowest you’ll find anywhere in the UK (we’ve checked!).

The most common size of water cup is definitely the 7oz size – these are commonplace in Schools, Universities and especially the workplace. The larger 9oz variant is normally used where offices find employees are taking multiple cups / or simply where a larger serving is required. We personally find that Gyms and Health Clubs are the biggest users of this cup size.

This promotional price means that the 9oz clear cups are only £2.00 more expensive per case than the 7oz size, meaning each cup is £0.001 more expensive despite holding nearly 30% more liquid.

We can supply either full cases or pallet quantities of this product, please get in touch through the normal channels for more information.


Clearance 7oz Water Cooler Cups

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

We’ve got a limited quantity of clearance 7oz clear water cups, these are “factory seconds” that were rejected due to a slightly discolouration.  We have strictly quality control procedures in place that prevent the sale of these items; as such we’re offering these at a clearance price while stocks last.

For full case quantities, please give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

The cups have a slight discolouration, this results in a subtle yellow tint, only really noticeable when the cups are stacked in a full sleeve. Other than this discolouration the cups are identical to our regular stock of non-vending water cups.

Our water cups (non-vending) are great for use with water coolers or cup dispensers, commonly used in schools, offices or as a general purpose water vessel at parties.

Maximum capacity is 227ml with a rim diameter of 70mm. As with our regular non-vending plastic cups these have a weight of 2.5g per item.

Ebay listing: (Ends 10th February 2013)

7oz water cooler cups

New Premium Squat Water Cooler Cups

Friday, November 9th, 2012

We now give customers a choice of either a ‘value’ branded cup or a ‘premium’ squat non-vending cup.

The three main differences between these products are the item weight, the design / rolling of the cup rim and the base material. Our standard ‘value’ grade of squat cup has a weight of 2.5g, a semi-rolled rim and is made from PolyPropylene.  The more expensive ‘premium’ cup is made from thicker Polystyrene plastic (3.3g) and has a full tightly rolled rim.

Choosing the correct cup depends on its intended usage, customers simply looking to purchase an economical non-vend cup with squat proportions would be best served by the value item. This has a lower cost-per-unit and is perfect for high volume catering use. The thicker ‘premium’ cups are best suited to dental use where a tightly rolled rim is important, the thicker plastic also makes them resistant to spillages. Customers looking to use these cups in school water dispenses also tend to choose the ‘premium’ cup with a more tightly rolled rim.

Please see out water cooler cups category for pricing information on these items