Avoid spills with these new lids to fit flexi tumblers

In stock today are our new recyclable lids to fit our range of flexi tumblers.

These flat lids – suitable for 10oz, 12oz, 20oz and 22oz PP cups – are perfect for bars and pubs seeking to offer takeaway drinks. The lids fit tightly on cups reducing the chances of spills and unnecessary time wasted on cleaning.

Key features: Lightweight, tight-fitting to reduce spills and recyclable.

Ideal for: Takeaway drinks for pubs, bars and venues. Suitable for all drinks caterers.

Cups to fit

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Plastic-free straw cup lids in stock now

Plastic Free Paper Straws Slot Lids For Cups

This year, we’ve seen increasing searches for plastic-free products.

So we are delighted to add plastic-free straw cup lids to our range, another plastic-free product to accompany our paper cold drink cups.

These lids feature a straw slot design and offer a plastic-free alternative to conventional straw slot lids.

They also fit our range of Cool & Fresh Cold Drink Cups. We think they’re a match made in heaven; with the cups featuring a double PLA-coated vibrant design, ideal for cold drink caterers, events and celebrations.

Key features: Compostable and plastic-free.

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You can also chat to one of our representatives 9am-5pm on our website Mon-Fri. We’re always happy to help 😊

A short time ago in a Starbucks not far away……

Wired magazine photographer Dan Winters made this impressive TIE Fighter from 1 tall lid, 10 coffee boxes, 12 small paper cups, 37 large paper cups, 63 paper drink carriers and 216 wooden stirrers!


It seems given my recent blog ‘artistic use for catering disposables’ that more and more people are choosing catering disposable products a medium to create art. Maybe we should be advertising in art supplies shops?

Wired magazine has started a competition and created a how-to Wiki page where you can submit your entries should you feel compelled to enter

May the forks be with you (*Ahem*)