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New Biodegradable Ripple Paper Cups

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Due to the increase in popularity of our biodegradable range of cups we’ve introduced a new insulated version to the range. Just like the rest of our biodegradable cups they feature a PLA lining made from cornstarch. This is a sustainable and eco-friendly lining that allows the cups to break down completely when composted; they feature no plastic inner lining.

Other than the change of process used to line the cup, the only visible difference between these and the regular disposable PE lined cups is the “ingeo” branding and eco-friendly message around the bottom of the cup. The cups themselves provide the same great insulation, designed specifically for hot drinks (black tea, coffee,  etc.).

These biodegradable cups take the same sized lids as our standard cup ranges, meaning you can choose to use our compostable cPLA lids or the regular plastic variety.

All sizes are available immediately from stock. Please see our range of biodegradable paper cups:

INGEO Biodegradable Paper Cups

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

In order to offer our customers a complete biodegradable solution to disposable catering supplies, we’ve introduced the eco-friendly range of “INGEO” paper cups.

You can recycle any of our standard range of single wall or insulted cups, but the biodegradable cups are also completely compostable. Unlike our existing range of hot drink cups which feature a PE (Polyethylene) lining, these cups use a single Poly(lactic acid) or polylactide (PLA) coating instead. The raw material is derived from completely renewable corn starch, this is ethically sourced to have no impact on food prices or supply.

All of our biodegradable paper cups carry the INGEO biodegradable/compostable logo on a plain white cup. Specifically sourced oxo-biodegradable lids are also available to fit 8-16oz sizes.

4oz biodegradable paper cups8oz biodegradable paper cups12oz biodegradable hot drink paper cups16oz large compostable paper cups