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New product: Classique 8oz Disposable Wine Glasses

Monday, January 7th, 2013

This is a new product from our premium range of disposable plastic products. We’re frequently asked for a high quality and sturdy Wine Glass that’s still classed as a disposable product. Up until recently we would have recommended the ECON range of reusable Wine Glasses, available in either 5oz or 12oz sizes, however the most popular serving of wine is 175ml (6oz to the line). In addition, the ECON (Crystal Polystyrene) reusable products do not work out very cost-effective when used as a single-use product.

The Classique 8oz Wineglass aims to fill this gap in our range, giving customers a high quality disposable option where a standard measure of wine is to be served. The 8oz size is the maximum capacity, obviously you wouldn’t serve Wine in this fashion so the item contains a line to denote the 175ml fill mark.

Although this product is disposable, the plastic is at least 50% thicker than the nearest comparable disposable product from our range, this gives the glass unparalleled rigidity for a disposable Wineglass. Although we don’t advertise the goblets for this use, it would be possible to rinse and reuse the item if you so desired, providing a cool wash is used and you’re not putting them in a glass washer.

Stock of this product is expected towards the second half of January – you can pre-order the product now at:

Please get in touch with our sales team if you need any further information on: 0844 4995456

Classique 8oz Disposable Wineglasses

Classique 8oz Disposable Wineglasses

New and improved 6oz (175ml) Plastic Wine Glasses

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

We’ve revised the design of the popular 6oz size of disposable plastic wine glasses.  These now feature a more traditional stem and base design, this mean that the glasses are now easier and more comfortable to hold.

In addition to the aesthetic changes to the wine glass, we’ve also increased the thickness of the plastic used on the product; the end result is stronger wine glass that will not flex as easily when filled with liquid.

Despite these improvements we have been able to maintain our current price point of £13.99 per case (144 glasses per case). Although often overlooked, the packaging of this product has been specifically designed to be extra-durable – the thick double walled boxes help to ensure that you don’t encounter breakages or other carriage related defects.

6oz Disposable Wineglasses – £13.99 / 144