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Do I really have to carry this cup all day?

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Much is being made at the moment of the City of Toronto banning paper cups with plastic lids in favour of expanded polystyrene(foam – normally considered the devils material) which the city has the ability to recycle (it cannot recycle plastic lids as most consumers do not separate the lids from the paper cups prior to disposing of them – and they’re not going to do it for you!)

To the amazement of some the city has also said it will ban biodegradable plastic shopping bags in favour of conventional plastic bags as the city cannot recycle the biodegradable bags!)

Many bloggers and social commentators are suggesting coffee drinkers should make use of (carry with them) porcelain or ceramic cups should the need for a coffee arise. The councilors of Toronto are suggesting discounts should be given to customers who bring their own mugs.

Some companies are already doing this and a new market for ceramic ‘paper cups’ without handles has sprung from the idea that people will carry these reusable takeaway style cups at all times.
Before a Starbucks occupied every second corner in New York City, a blue paper cup with a thin sip thru lid was the symbol for coffee-to-go.

The iconic We are happy to serve you paper coffee cup was introduced in 1963, and more than 180 million are used in New York City every year. The environmentally minded design group, exceptionlab, have worked with both the Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc and Aid to Artisans to convert the design from disposable to permanent, from paper to ceramic.

This ceramic version of the paper cup is not the first spin off product to have been given the ‘we are happy to serve you’ treatment, nor is it the first to be created in ceramic. The plain white ‘I am not a Paper Cup‘ ceramic cup made by Decor Craft is available from a slew of websites here and in the US.

We are happy to serve you ceramic cupsi-am-not-a-paper-cupHappy to serve you purse
Happy to be a watchcoffee_coastershappy not to be a plastic bag

I expect Anya Hindmarch is probably at home silently kicking herself that she didn’t trademark the ‘I am not a (insert product here)’ phrase following the success of her non disposable carrier bags.

With that in mind we have started work on the ‘I am not a tea bag’, ceramic refillable tea bag (with free reinforced spoon) for use with these non-disposable products. Anybody wishing to invest in this genius project or has any other (comedic) ideas for ceramic versions of disposable products please call us on 0844 499 5456 and we can come up with our masterplan! Muah ha ha ha ha!!