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Still carrying that cup?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

On my recent blog ‘Do I really have to carry this cup all day?‘ you may have noticed the slight dig at the bottom of the blog directed towards people using ceramic shaped disposable cups in which I joke that I intend to create a porcelain Tea Bag which can be used with these cups.

Well, it seems there are more companies producing disposable styled reusable products out there than I thought. When leaving for work on a morning with your ceramic ‘paper cup‘ you can now also take with you your reusable thermal sleeve to wrap around your ceramic cup so your fingers do not get burnt! (Why not just bring a mug from home if you are ecologically inclined to avoid disposable cups, doing this ensures there is no need for a porcelain cup and reusable sleeve…)

If the purpose of buying these two products was to avoid looking foolish whilst travelling to/from work with a normal mug in hand then I feel the notion is a little misguided. I imagine I would feel foolish walking into Starbucks and handing over my own mug and sleeve, especially if it was a knitted sleeve or faux furs as offer!

Cup Couture Wool SleeveCup Couture SleevesReusable Sleeves

Other companies such as also offer reusable sleeves made from Felt and numerous garish designs. These can be rolled up and put on your key ring should you wish to advertise your right on green inclinations.

A & R Design offer the below ceramic Non-Vending cups and a Sommelier Wineglass on a stem which is actually quite cool, if not a practical alternative.

Ceramic Non-Vending CupCeramic 'Non vending cup style' WineglassesGlass Non_Vending Cup

I do wonder where this will all end, are porcelain cup carriers on the way? Porcelain stirrers for your coffee? (spoons) Carrying your bag to work with all this gear is going to become tiresome quickly.

Most of these products are unnecessary and their green credentials ring a little hollow when you realize there is no actual need for them in the market when most people have mugs in their cupboards at home and the coffee shops you visit have their own proper cups.

I also think many people carrying all these new green reusable replacements for paper cups and sleeves are forgetting the one product that can eliminate the need for all this garbage. Its called a Flask.