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Paper Cups for Hot Drinks – Which Do I Choose?

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks – Which Do I Choose?This is a question we get asked a lot by customers looking to start purchasing paper cups for the first time, we’ve got a sizable range of cups which can sometimes prove bewildering for somebody not familiar with the product.

To many people, all paper cups are created equal, they’re simply a convenient method of serving coffee on the go. There’s actually a lot more to it though; cups can feature extra insulation in the form of a barrier layer or a corrugated outer wrap for example.

The first consideration when choosing a cup is selecting the level of insulation required. The choices can be broken down as follows:

  • Single wall paper cups; the most cost effective type of cup, made from a single layer of PE coated paper. These are a great choice for high volume use, or where you know that black tea / coffee won’t be served (lower temperatures). Even then you can purchase cup sleeves to use with these so customers have the option of adding extra insulation.
  • Double wall paper cups; These paper cups offer an additional layer of insulation, the extra barrier layer traps air between the outer wrap and the cup which makes the cup more comfortable to hold. More expensive than the single wall cups but more cost effective than the ripple cups.
  • Insulated ripple cups; these cups offer the best form of insulation for disposable hot drink cups. A thick corrugated barrier layer offers the greatest insulation against heat, it also has the advantage of keeping your drink hotter for longer.
  • Ultimate triple layer cups; Triple layer cups offer the same advantages as a ripple cup, except with a smooth outer wall. They have the same insulating properties but with an internal wrap rather than external.

Once you’ve selected the most suitable type of cup, you’ll find we offer a large range of different sizes. These break down as follows:

  • Espresso cups; espresso is always served in a small 4oz cup, much shorter and narrower than any other cup type we stock. These are also great for sampling purposes.
  • Small takeaway cups; normally an 8oz serving, this is one of the most common cup sizes we stock. You’ll also find the shorter 6oz size of cup that’s designed for serving the ever popular “flat white”
  • Medium / regular takeaway cups; normally these range from 10-12oz. A standard 12oz cup is the de-facto regular size, but you will also encounter 12oz “squat” cups. These are designed to be shorter to fit under the nozzle of automatic coffee machines.
  • Large / oversize; anything 16oz or larger is considered a large sized portion. We even stock a 20oz (one pint!) cup as an oversize option.

Our full range of paper cups can be found at:

Please get in touch with any queries you may have regarding our range.

4oz and 20oz Takeaway Coffee Ripple Cups

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Fresh in stock today are 2 new additions to our range of double wall Brown cups, we now stock the following sizes:

  • 4oz – Espresso cups
  • 8oz – Small takeaway coffee cups
  • 12oz – Medium Takeaway cups
  • 16oz – Large Takeaway cups
  • 20oz – Extra-large / jumbo hot drink cups

The 4oz size is designed to co-ordinate with our existing range of insulted Kraft cups.  This style is extremely popular with independent Coffee chains, however we’re frequently asked for a matching 4oz espresso cup to complement the range. This cup allows vendors to serve small espresso shots in the same style of uniform vessel as the regular small, medium and large sized drinks.

We’ve introduced a 20oz (one pint!) cup by popular demand from customers. This extra-large serving has become popular since mid-2012, particularly with commuters. Traditional single-walled disposable cups offer much lower levels of insulation, however with the Kraft cups your drink will stay hot for much longer. These insulating properties mean that it’s possible to have a larger serving that’s still warm towards the end of your drink.

As with all our disposable paper cups, these are both available as a single sleeve (40 cups for 4oz, 25 for 20oz) or a full case (1,000 for 4oz, 500 for 20oz).

Further reading / where to buy:

Inn Supplies (our sister website) also stocks the full range of double wall paper cups

Insulated Black Ripple Cups – Back In Stock

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Due to popular demand, we’re about to take delivery of our new Black Ripple Cups – available in the usual range of sizes from 8-16oz (small to large in takeaway Coffee terms).  We trialled a limited quantity of these items last year, albeit only in a 12oz size. They proved popular with customers looking for a plain insulated cup, but perhaps where the existing Brown Kraft cups didn’t fit in with company branding or colour preference. As a result we’re now holding this full range as a regular stock item.

For readers unfamiliar with our insulated barrier cups, they are perfect for customers looking to serve hot drinks but without the heat becoming uncomfortable when holding the cup. More traditional single-wall cups are fine for takeaway Coffee use; however they will transmit heat through the side wall when extremely hot drinks are served. There are two ways around this issue, you can either use an additional sleeve on your single-wall cup, or switch to a cup that contains integral insulation. With our Kraft and Black Ripple cups, this is featured on the outside with the distinctive ribbed design.

The finish is a glossy Black, designed primarily with franchised Coffee chains in mind. This gives customers an alternative to our plain brown Kraft cups or the generic printed “Weave” design cups. The existing range of lids used on our cups are designed to fit this range too, no new lids are required for customers considering switching.

Samples are available on request. The stock is expected to be available from mid-January, although you can pre-order the items straight away through our website at: .

Premium Black Kraft Ripple Cups – While stocks last

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Currently on special offer are our premium Black Kraft paper coffee cups, offering the highest level of heat insulation available. These are available as individual sleeves for only £3.20 each (25 cups per sleeve).

We have strictly limited stocks of this range; please see our Paper Cups category for more information.

Special offer on our Plain Black Hot Drink Paper Coffee Cups.

Which Paper Cups for hot drinks?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

This is a fairly common question, the answer primarily depends on the heat of beverage you intend to serve. We stock a wide range of cups from single-wall plain cups, to our newest triple wall “Ultimate” paper cups. The key difference is the insulating properties of the specific cup type.

Single wall cups are perfect for warm drinks; however piping hot coffee would be rather uncomfortable to hold without the use of a cup sleeve (available seperately). Due to their single-wall construction there is no additional layer to insulate the heat of the drink.

Double wall and Ripple cups are specifically designed for far greater heat retention, the dual layers work in a similar way to a thermos flask; trapping air and isolating the customers hand from hot beverages. In addition to this, the extra rigidity is ideally suited to “coffee on the go”.

Click here for more information regarding our premium “Ultimate” paper coffee cups.

Paper Cups

Paper Cups


Paper Coffee Cups

Friday, November 20th, 2009

What is the difference between this paper cup?

Paper Ripple Cup

And this Paper cup?

Paper Ripple Cup

There are a number of new Ripple cups emerging onto the market at the moment, and some are very competitively priced to boot.

Now, the cost of manufacturing these products does not vary much from machine to machine, the cost of the correct type of paper doesn’t change either, factoring in economies of scale (buying power) wouldn’t change things much as we purchase quite a lot of cups, so we have been asked by some how is it possible to find a cheaper Ripple Cup than the ones we market? Well there is only really one way to reduce cost – use less expensive materials.

Unfortunately, the material some suppliers are compromising in order to lower the cost of this product is the quality of the paper used.

Despite the current climate regarding recycling and green issues in general our beleaguered government occasionally get things right, in particular rules regarding goods which come into contact with foodstuffs. It is against the law for any product which comes into direct contact with food to be manufactured using recycled material for the simple reason that untreated paper (that may have once been toilet paper for example) has the potential to make a user ill if filled with hot liquid (such as coffee) as toxins can migrate into the foodstuffs. There is no way of checking what the recycled paper was once used for – it could have housed chemicals and make people seriously ill.

All our Paper Coffee Cups are manufactured with food grade board and are sent for testing with PIRA (Printing Industry Research Association) who take the cups apart and test the cups to make sure all the paper board used in their production is food grade and the product is fit for purpose. Any element of recycled paper content and the cups would fail the test and would not be fit for purpose (or legal!)

You might ask how such companies can ‘get away’ with selling or using these cups without prosecutions etc? I suspect few of you reading this were aware that this could happen? Most people simply assume that companies will check the quality of the Paper Coffee Cups used or sold by them. If you became ill following a cup of coffee would you look suspiciously at the paper cup, or wonder if the milk was off? I bet you would suspect the Paper Coffee Cup last of all.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we are rarely asked for copies of our food contact certificates, which only confirms my theory that ignorance is indeed, bliss. The only companies who do ask for these certificates are the likes of McDonalds and the other large restaurants and coffee chains.

Ripple cups are also often described as ‘triple layer cups’ and there is one easy way to check if your ripple cups are manufactured using the correct board quality, and that is to tear the outer layer of the cup to reveal the hidden third layer of  board (pictured).

Cups using unprocessed recycled board will be brown or grey, food contact board will normally be white.

Recycled board coffee cup on right, food grade cup on left