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New Paper Straw Colours

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Paper StrawsDue to the huge increase in demand for paper straws, we’ve decided to expand the range of colours we offer. Initially only plain Black (the most common colour) was available, however we’ve just added plain White and Red striped types to our site. These are available straight away with the usual next-day delivery available.

We stock our range of biodegradable Paper Straws in either small boxes of 250 or full cases of 5,000 for larger volume customers.

As with all virgin paper products these are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable – they conform to all the relevant standards. There are no additives, plastics or other substances used – just pure virgin grade paper.

You can find these in our paper straws category:,37,219,Paper_Straws.html

New range of biodegradable paper straws

Friday, August 17th, 2018

black paper strawsBy popular demand we’ve expanded our existing range of straws (made from recyclable PP/ PolyPropylene) with the addition of the new biodegradable paper straws. These have been a common request throughout 2018 due to various high profile news stories and the resulting media pressure to reduce single use plastics.

Many pubs, clubs and bars are under pressure to remove straws in particular and offer a biodegradable / compostable alternative, which is where paper straws come in. These are made from 100% virgin grade paperboard; no additives, coatings, or plastics are used whatsoever. They can obviously be recycled as with any other paper product, however if they end up being discarded they will degrade completely naturally with no further environmental impact. Obviously any disposable product should ideally be sorted and recycled correctly following use, but this isn’t always possible or viable.

Initially our paper straws are available in black only, however we are adding many other colours and styles to the range in the near future – keep an eye on our paper straws store category.