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New Mixed Design Double Wall Paper Cups

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

For the first time we’re able to offer a disposable paper cup with mixed designs in each sleeve. Traditionally paper cups have a single design per case; hence no variety or variation is possible. This is largely down to the way the cups are produced and packaged on the production line.

Our new mixed design “Barista” cups are available exclusively as a double wall insulated cup. The Barista design is centred on coffee shop atmosphere photography, examples of this are included below. The mixed prints provide a lively and more varied alternative to using either a single print or a plain cup.

This range is available from stock straight away in the usual 8oz (small), 12oz (medium / regular) and 16oz (large) sizes. Please get in touch with our sales team for further information, samples are available on request. Our double wall paper cups can be found at:

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks – Which Do I Choose?

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks – Which Do I Choose?This is a question we get asked a lot by customers looking to start purchasing paper cups for the first time, we’ve got a sizable range of cups which can sometimes prove bewildering for somebody not familiar with the product.

To many people, all paper cups are created equal, they’re simply a convenient method of serving coffee on the go. There’s actually a lot more to it though; cups can feature extra insulation in the form of a barrier layer or a corrugated outer wrap for example.

The first consideration when choosing a cup is selecting the level of insulation required. The choices can be broken down as follows:

  • Single wall paper cups; the most cost effective type of cup, made from a single layer of PE coated paper. These are a great choice for high volume use, or where you know that black tea / coffee won’t be served (lower temperatures). Even then you can purchase cup sleeves to use with these so customers have the option of adding extra insulation.
  • Double wall paper cups; These paper cups offer an additional layer of insulation, the extra barrier layer traps air between the outer wrap and the cup which makes the cup more comfortable to hold. More expensive than the single wall cups but more cost effective than the ripple cups.
  • Insulated ripple cups; these cups offer the best form of insulation for disposable hot drink cups. A thick corrugated barrier layer offers the greatest insulation against heat, it also has the advantage of keeping your drink hotter for longer.
  • Ultimate triple layer cups; Triple layer cups offer the same advantages as a ripple cup, except with a smooth outer wall. They have the same insulating properties but with an internal wrap rather than external.

Once you’ve selected the most suitable type of cup, you’ll find we offer a large range of different sizes. These break down as follows:

  • Espresso cups; espresso is always served in a small 4oz cup, much shorter and narrower than any other cup type we stock. These are also great for sampling purposes.
  • Small takeaway cups; normally an 8oz serving, this is one of the most common cup sizes we stock. You’ll also find the shorter 6oz size of cup that’s designed for serving the ever popular “flat white”
  • Medium / regular takeaway cups; normally these range from 10-12oz. A standard 12oz cup is the de-facto regular size, but you will also encounter 12oz “squat” cups. These are designed to be shorter to fit under the nozzle of automatic coffee machines.
  • Large / oversize; anything 16oz or larger is considered a large sized portion. We even stock a 20oz (one pint!) cup as an oversize option.

Our full range of paper cups can be found at:

Please get in touch with any queries you may have regarding our range.

Double Wall Paper Cups

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Double wall paper cups

We’ve expanded our already extensive range of hot drink cups with the new range of double wall cups. These offer superior insulation to the common single wall type of cup by offering an additional barrier layer. The advantages of this layer are twofold; it helps the drink retain its temperature for longer whilst also making the cup more comfortable to hold. This is especially beneficial with black Tea / Coffee where the drink is much hotter.

These insulated cups are stocked in the popular Black and White styles in small, medium and large sizes (8oz, 12oz and 16oz). In addition, we’re also offering a new range of printed “Barista” design cups with mixed designs per sleeve. Thanks to the smooth outer wall of the double wall cups, it’s possible to use high quality imagery for maximum impact. The prints in this range are all monochrome coffee-house themed, great for front-of-house commercial usage.
Examples of the prints are shown below, all mixed at random in each pack. Samples are available on request, please get in touch with our friendly sales team for more information. You can see details of the double wall paper cups at: . Our full range of paper cups can be found at:

Barista double wall paper cups

16oz Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups – Clearance

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

As the range of double-wall mocha cups have been replaced by our triple-layer “ultimate” cups, we are now offering our remaining stock of the 16oz size at a clearance price. These cups originally retailed for £52.15 per case (500), however we are selling our clearance stock at the unbeatable price of £21.50 per case. This makes the double wall mocha cups the cheapest insulated 16oz cup by a large margin.

Building on the popularity of the single-wall mocha cups, the double wall variety features the same design so as co-ordinate with your existing cups. The main benefit over the single-wall cups is the greatly improved insulation, this means that even piping hot drinks will not burn your hands and drinks will stay hotter for longer.

We have limited stock available for this product; this is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Don’t miss out!

16oz Double Wall Mocha Coffee Cups

16oz Double Wall Mocha Coffee Cups

Converting to Paper Vending Cups

Friday, March 9th, 2012

We are commonly asked which size of Paper Vending Cups customers should be buying to replace the existing plastic cups in vending machines. This is not always as straight-forward as you may think, many plastic cups don’t actually feature sizing information on the base. This means that customers often struggle to accurately identify the cups they are currently using, obviously making the sizing decision on paper vending cups more difficult.

Our sales team should be able to identify most brands of plastic cups from the manufacturer code on the base, simply give us a call on 0844 4995456. Alternatively you can measure your existing plastic cups and compare to the chart below:

Product Rim Diameter Capacity
7oz Squat Paper Vending Cups 73mm 210ml
7oz Tall Paper Vending Cups 70.3mm 211ml
9oz Tall Paper Vending Cups 73mm 254ml

The most crucial measurement is the rim diameter, using an incorrectly sized vending cup means that they will either not sit in the holder or not vend correctly. Our full range of paper cups are available as either a sleeve of 100 or a full case of 2,000 to suit your individual volume requirements.

New 10oz Café Mocha Paper Cups

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Event Supplies are proud to introduce our new 10oz site of Café Mocha Paper Coffee Cups. These are designed specifically to fit underneath the style of automatic Coffee Machine frequently found at high street coffee chains. Capacity-wise, the new size fits between the existing 8 and 12oz cups – they are 94mm tall and feature the same 90mm rim diameter as the 12/16oz Café Mocha cups.

For more information, please see our Paper Coffee Cups category, or give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

10oz Cafe Mocha Hot Drink Paper Cups

10oz Cafe Mocha Hot Drink Paper Cups

Premium Black Kraft Ripple Cups – While stocks last

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Currently on special offer are our premium Black Kraft paper coffee cups, offering the highest level of heat insulation available. These are available as individual sleeves for only £3.20 each (25 cups per sleeve).

We have strictly limited stocks of this range; please see our Paper Cups category for more information.

Special offer on our Plain Black Hot Drink Paper Coffee Cups.

Plain Brown Unprinted Cup Sleeves

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Event Supplies now offer our plain brown hot drink sleeves for paper cups in both full case and retail-packed varieties. Due to popular demand these sleeves can now be purchased in cellophane packs of 100 sleeves, the ideal accompaniment to smaller hot cup orders, or where storage space is at a premium.

We supply plain sleeves to fit both 8oz and 12-16oz sizes of hot drink paper cups, see our paper cup category for more information, or give our sales team a call on 0844 499 5456 to discuss your requirements.

Paper Cups

Plain Sleeves for Hot Drink Paper Cups

Double Wall Hot Drink Paper Cups

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

For a limited time only we’re offering our 16 Double Wall Mocha Hot Drink Paper Cups at the reduced price of £21.50 per case of 500 (plus VAT). The double wall range of cups offer extra heat insulation, ensuring that the drink stays hot and the outside of the cup remains cool. These features make the double wall paper cups ideal for the coffee-to-go market, also eliminating the need for a separate cup sleeve.

We can supply this range of cups with either a black or white domed sip-lid.

Please see our full range of hot drink paper cups for more information, or give our sales team a call on 0844 499 5456.

Paper Cups

Cafe Mocha Double Wall 16oz Paper Cups

Which Paper Cups for hot drinks?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

This is a fairly common question, the answer primarily depends on the heat of beverage you intend to serve. We stock a wide range of cups from single-wall plain cups, to our newest triple wall “Ultimate” paper cups. The key difference is the insulating properties of the specific cup type.

Single wall cups are perfect for warm drinks; however piping hot coffee would be rather uncomfortable to hold without the use of a cup sleeve (available seperately). Due to their single-wall construction there is no additional layer to insulate the heat of the drink.

Double wall and Ripple cups are specifically designed for far greater heat retention, the dual layers work in a similar way to a thermos flask; trapping air and isolating the customers hand from hot beverages. In addition to this, the extra rigidity is ideally suited to “coffee on the go”.

Click here for more information regarding our premium “Ultimate” paper coffee cups.

Paper Cups

Paper Cups