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High Tech Mugs/High Tech Speakers.

Friday, February 13th, 2009

On the blog High Tech Paper Cups, Low Tech Speakers posted at the end of last year I commented on how one could transform standard paper cups into speakers for your ipod or other generic mp3 player.

It seems Starbucks fans may have been reading up on this phenomenon as they have made their own speakers made to look like their Starbucks Disposable Paper Coffee Cups as shown below. Starbucks themselves even have their own store within iTunes now apparently.

Starbucks Speakersstarbucks-speakersstarbucks-speakers
New ceramic coffee mugs are being converted into speakers too, the ‘MusicMug’ from Japan is available from €69 from a number of online (mainly US) websites.

Designer Masato Tokuno created the speakers which are suitable for all types of ipod. Just don’t put your coffee in them, stick to the paper cups for that.








Hi Tech Paper Cups, Low Tech Speakers.

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The designer Dmitry Zagga has created these iPod CupSpeakers from nothing more than a few large disposable paper cups, a few toothpicks, the iPod earbuds and plenty of spare time.

He claims the volume increase is ‘significant’ and his fancy photography makes this DIY project created in a shed look like something straight out of a Steve Jobs Powerpoint.

The sound is magnified due to the shape of the cup, not any fancy-schmancy ‘electronics.’ It may not compete with, you know, real speakers, but Dmitry’s got a good sense of humor and it looks like a fun project for the incredibly bored.

On next weeks blog we construct a ‘telephone’ using the same two cups and length of string.