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2018 Christmas Break and Delivery Schedule

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Our office close for the festive break on Friday 21st December at 12 noon, the last date to get your order dispatched and delivered in time for Christmas is Thursday 20th December by 1pm. We re-open for business in the New Year on Wednesday 2nd January 2018 with deliveries commencing from Thursday 3rd January.

If you need any supplies between Christmas and the New Year, make sure you get your orders in before 1pm on Thursday 20th December. Any orders placed over the festive break will be dispatched in the New Year.

Orders can be placed online or by calling our friendly sales team on 0844 4995456

New Festive Range of Christmas Paper Napkins

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Now available from stock is our 2012 range of Christmas party products – available in a colour and style to suit any occasion. Whether you’re simply organising a party in the home, or catering for a larger scale celebration at a school or office, we have a range a range of table covers, Napkins and tableware to meet your requirements.

In addition to our standard range of themed table cloths, we’ve just added 6 new lines of napkins to the Christmas shop section of the site. These comprise of 2 styles of 25cm cocktail napkins and 4 styles of larger 40cm dinner napkins – all of which are available to purchase as single packs (as few as 100) or full cases (up to 4,000) where larger volumes are required. These are the same super-soft 2-ply serviettes as the rest of our range, with the addition of tasteful festive designs – from subtle geometric prints to playful character graphics designed to appeal to Children.

For further details and a full breakdown of our 2012 range, please see our Christmas online shop at:

Our 2012 designs:

Black Sparkle DesignChampagne Shimmer DesignChristmas Bauble Design

Christmas Snowman DesignChristmas Tree DesignChristmas Wonderland Design

Napkins at the dinner table:

Disposable Cutlery

To complement your collection of Christmas tableware we’re also stocking our popular silver-look plastic cutlery in a value-orientated party pack. This contains 300 pieces in total; 100 knives, forks and dessert spoons. These are designed to look exactly like their metallic counterparts, in fact to the untrained eye they are indistinguishable.

New discounts on bulk catering supplies

Monday, August 6th, 2012

By popular demand, we’re now offering a section of popular products in pallet quantities. This range offers further discounts over and above those available when purchasing single cases. These offers are targeted at customers with on-going high-volume requirements or events requiring one-off bulk quantities of catering disposables.

Our volume discounts are also ideal for wholesalers and distributors – the competitively priced pallet quantities of plastic cups in particular allow for the re-distribution of goods to end-users.

We are initially offering the following products for bulk purchase:

  • Plastic Champagne flutes
  • 10,12,20 and 22oz half pint and pint plastic glasses
  • Disposable plastic water cups

Disposable champagne flutes

You can now purchase a full pallet (3,000 units) of champagne glasses, commonly used in these volumes for outdoor catering or by product promotion companies. The combination of a low cost per glass (14p per flute) and high clarity injection moulded construction make the product highly versatile. You will find our plastic flutes used everywhere from small private indoor functions to large-scale outdoor festivals and events.

Flexible plastic beer glasses

Launched as an alternative to our injection moulded polypropylene range of Katerglass tumblers, these vacuum formed plastic glasses are aimed at higher volume usage where cost per unit is the primary concern. Unlike several of the disposable pint tumblers on the market that we tested, these glasses offer a perfect compromise between rigidity and cost. Many suppliers stock economy grades of glasses that deform and collapse when held – particularly problematic for outdoor catering companies where customers will be walking around with their drinks. This type of tumbler can often cost more than a better quality item as customers will often use two cups instead of one!

Plastic water cups

These are typically purchased by the pallet load by water cooler providers seeking to offer a supply of cups alongside their water dispensers or water bottles. Our water cups are the non-vending variety, designed for use with cold drinks or with water coolers. When purchased as a pallet quantity these boxes don’t carry any of our company marking, suitable for re-sale to end users either as a packed sleeve or a full case.

We have the stock to offer a number of ranges in this configuration, If the range you require is not yet listed in this section, please give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

Diamond Jubilee 2012 Catering Supplies

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

To help you celebrate the queens royal Diamond Jubilee 2012 Event Supplies are offering a specially selected range of disposable catering and party supplies.

To mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June. Many of our customers are celebrating the occasion with privately organized local events, these range in size from smaller indoor gatherings to larger outdoor celebrations with thousands of anticipated attendees.

We’ve put together a series of promotions to help you celebrate the occasion in style without costing the earth

Disposable Plastic Glasses

We can supply disposable plastic glasses for beer, soft drinks or spirits in two main types. The high quality Katerglass range is the stronger of the two glasses, made from high-quality injection-molded PP these tumblers are far stronger than any other disposable plastic glasses currently available. The flexible beer glass range of pint/half pint plastic glasses are most cost effective, but do not feature the same level of rigidity.

Premium Katerglass Tumblers – from £2.10 (50) or £38.23 (1,000)

Flexible Beer Glasses – from £2.05 (50) or £29.99 (1,000)

Disposable Wine Glasses

High clarity crystal-styrene plastic wineglasses are perfect for outdoor occasions. We can supply both smaller (6oz/175ml) or larger (200ml/8oz) wineglasses either as smaller packs or full cases depending on your requirements. Our wine glasses are available as either single-piece items or with a detachable base for compact storage.

6oz/175ml Small Stemmed Plastic Wine Glasses – from £0.90 (6) or £13.99 (144)

Large 8oz/200ml Wine Goblets – from £2.12 (12) or £58.69 (540)

Paper Plates

Disposable plates are available as either a traditional flexible paper plate or a more rigid biodegradable item. The standard disposable plates are made from virgin grade paper, ideal where larger volumes are required or where smaller plates of cold food will be served. Our high-quality ‘sugarcane’ plates are far stronger items, the increased rigidity coming from use of thicker material. This type of plate is far more suitable where hotter foods will be served and eaten on the move. The material is also suitable for greasy foods and is even suitable for use in the microwave!

Disposable Paper Plates – from £1.90 (100) or £17.30 (1,000)

Biodegradable Sugarcane Plates – from £4.01 (125) or £28.99 (1,000)

This is just a small extract from the range of products we can supply – if you require assistance or advice with the planning of your event, simply give our friendly sales team a call on 0844 4995456

Some names you may recognise…

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Here at Event Supplies we supply a huge range of customers.  Orders range from private individuals purchasing a single pack of straws to bars, festivals and event companies requiring several pallets of stock. We proudly maintain a list of notable customers on our website at:

In addition we also publish a small selection of customer testimonials from satisfied customers on our website, these can be found at:

We value all feedback from our customers, so if you have any comments that you would like included on the page above, please get in touch by emailing You may also send your company logos for inclusion on our “customers” page.

The Event Supplies team.

Supplies for Public Sector Organisations

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

We are now able to accept purchase orders from Schools, colleges and other public sector Government organisations and institutions with credit facilities available on request. Once an approved customer account is opened in your name we are able to dispatch orders upon receipt of official purchase orders.

We accept payment for accounts using a variety of methods; you can make a payment using credit/debit card, government procurement card, cheque or BACS payment.

If you would like to open an account with Event Supplies, either email or give our team a call on 0844 4995456 for an application form.

Double Wall Hot Drink Paper Cups

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

For a limited time only we’re offering our 16 Double Wall Mocha Hot Drink Paper Cups at the reduced price of £21.50 per case of 500 (plus VAT). The double wall range of cups offer extra heat insulation, ensuring that the drink stays hot and the outside of the cup remains cool. These features make the double wall paper cups ideal for the coffee-to-go market, also eliminating the need for a separate cup sleeve.

We can supply this range of cups with either a black or white domed sip-lid.

Please see our full range of hot drink paper cups for more information, or give our sales team a call on 0844 499 5456.

Paper Cups

Cafe Mocha Double Wall 16oz Paper Cups

Biodegradable Catering Supplies

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

This week Tesco announced it “does not see the value” in using packs that can only be industrially composted. As we suggested back in September last year we foresaw numerous problems associated with  PLA biodegradable products and the obvious problems that come with adding new materials into an already struggling recycling stream.

Tesco’s packaging technical manager Stephen Pizer said “We are open to talking to people and to reviewing new materials, but we want to make sure we are not complicating matters by adding materials.”

“We do not see the value in using packaging that’s only industrially compostable,” said Pizer. “Local authorities do not want to touch it as it can contaminate existing recycling schemes.”

The retailer currently uses compostable cellulose-based based Natureflex for packaging, catering supplies and some of its organic produce range. The packs have been chosen as they are home compostable.

A number of other supermarkets, including Asda, have decided not to use degradable plastics due to concerns over their effect on the recycling stream for non-compostable materials.