Biodegradable insulated double wall paper cups

August 6th, 2018

biodegradable double wall paper cupsAs part of our efforts to cater for customers requiring a biodegradable alternative to disposables, we’ve launched a new range of paper cups. These feature a PLA (Polylactic Acid) inner coating that is completely biodegradable.

Previously if you wanted a biodegradable paper cup you would need to use a single wall item with a sleeve if necessary for the extra insulation. The vast majority of compostable / biodegradable paper cups available in the UK are only single wall. We’re now offering a double wall alternative, this means no extra sleeves required and the same high levels of insulation.

Our range of eco double wall cups take the same standardised lid sizes are the rest of our disposable coffee cup range, 80mm for the smaller (8oz) cups and 90mm for the larger (10oz+) cups.

Samples are available on request – please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Please see our biodegradable paper cups section for more information:,38,197,Biodegradable_Paper_Cups.html

Brown kraft / unbleached 40cm 8-fold paper napkins

May 4th, 2018

40cm unbleached paper napkinsOur popular unbleached napkins are now available in an 8-fold / rectangular configuration for use in restaurants or general use at the dinner table.

The natural coloured brown napkins do not go through the bleaching process necessary with the more common brightly coloured napkins, this is the actual colour of the product before any colouring takes place. We’ve noticed this style of napkin becoming increasingly popular, is also matches the recently launched ranges of brown food boxes and soup cups allowing customers to present a consistent theme for their disposables.

As these are pure recycled paper, they’re also 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We’re stocking these in packs of 125 or full cases of 2,000 for customers with larger / ongoing demand. 4-fold versions are also available if you prefer a square napkin.

You can find these on our website at:,13,0,4476,,range.html?id=4671

White Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses & Champagne Flutes

April 13th, 2018

reusable plastic wineglassesWe’ve added 2 new items to our popular range of Elite reusable polycarbonate stemmed glasses. These are the White 11oz premium wineglasses and the 6.5oz champagne flutes, the same high quality items as the clear versions but finished in a high-gloss White.

The reusable wineglasses are available in a range of sizes:

  • 9oz (lined at 175ml)
  • 11oz (lined at 125ml, 175ml and 250ml)
  • 14oz (lined at 250ml)

Our champagne flutes come in a single 6.5oz size with an optional line at 125ml for the usual measure of champagne.

The coloured glossy versions of these glasses are a great option for home use, they’re extremely durable and ideal for parties and outdoor occasions.

Please note that the coloured (Black and White) versions of our Champagne and Wineglasses do not carry a fill measure or line due to their solid nature. If you require a fill measure, please look at our clear polycarbonate glasses instead.

Our range of Reusable Plastic Wineglasses and Champagne Flutes can be found at:,19,0,Reusable_and_CE_Marked_Plastic_Wineglasses_.html

Product Clearance: Silver Plastic Spoons

April 6th, 2018

silver plastic spoonsWe’re currently clearing residual stock of our disposable silver cutlery, most of these have already sold but we do have a quantity of the silver spoons remaining. As such these are now listed at a clearance price of only 50p per pack (10 units per pack).

These won’t last long at this price, less than half the original retail price of the items. Once these are sold the item will be discontinued – we’ll have no further stock of this range.

You can find these on our site at:,12,0,4418,,range.html

Easter opening hours

March 27th, 2018

Due to the Easter break our office is closed from Good Friday (30th March) this week, we reopen after the bank holiday on Tuesday 3rd April. If you need any items delivering before Easter then the deadline is Wednesday 28th March (1pm). We recommend getting your orders in as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Orders placed after 1pm on Wednesday will be dispatched on Thursday and delivered after the bank holiday.

Orders can be processed as normal via our website, you can also give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456 to place an order or for any other queries you may have.

New product: 2oz Mini Red Party Cup Shot Glasses

March 9th, 2018

mini red party cup shot glassesAs the standard 16oz size of Red party cups have proved so popular we’ve added further sizes to this range, including the tiny 2oz mini red party cup shot glasses. As the name suggests these are a miniaturized version of the traditional red party cups, designed for spirits / bombs / shots etc.

With the proliferation of American media we’ve seen a huge surge in popularity of range such as this. There’s a variety of games that you can play with the red party cups, the most popular of which being Beer Pong. The best explanation of this can be found on the Wikipedia page at:

The full range of red party cups comprises of the standard 16oz, the smaller 12oz and these new 2oz party bomb shots. All of which are made from 100% recyclable Polystyrene plastic with a vibrant red outer.

You can find the new red party cup shot glasses at:,20,134,4667,,range.html with the rest of the red party cups range at:,5,212,Disposable_Party_Cups.html

Which Plastic Champagne Flutes Should I Buy?

March 2nd, 2018

plastic champagne flutesWe’ve got several different options available when it comes to our disposable champagne flutes, we’re commonly asked about the differences between these and which would be most suitable. These are summarised below:

170ml Disposable Plastic Champagne / Prosecco Flutes

This is the most common champagne flute we stock, the most popular choice for commercial usage as the glass contains a 100ml and 125ml fill line and is CE stamped. These are an injection moulded single piece flute; perfect for high volume use in terms of cost per unit but also much stronger than the more common 2-piece glasses.

4.6oz Clear Disposable Champagne Flutes

These are smaller flutes with a maximum capacity of 130ml, great for serving the common 125ml for private events or home use. These are not CE stamped but are made from slightly thicker plastic than the 170ml glasses.

4.6oz Black Disposable Champagne Flutes

The exact same flute as the clear item above, but presented in an attractive high gloss black colour. We find these are popular with themed events such as Halloween.

Plastic Champagne / Cocktail Flutes

A uniquely and unconventionally style glass, this is a high quality item made from thick injection moulded crystal polystyrene. You often see this glass used for a variety of purposes, either for champagne, wine, cocktails or sometimes even desserts. The capacity is larger than other flutes, lined at 100ml, 200ml with a maximum capacity of 256ml.

150ml Champagne Coupe

This is a smaller flute in a classic 50’s coupe style, the glass is 150ml but this is a measure right to the brim. Realistically you’d want to serve a maximum of 100ml in this glass to remain manageable. You will also see this style of glass used to create a tower of champagne flutes at formal functions and soirees. This is a 2 piece glass and requires assembly.

You can see our full range of plastic champagne flutes at:,6,166,Plastic_Champagne_Flutes.html

New Mixed Design Double Wall Paper Cups

February 23rd, 2018

For the first time we’re able to offer a disposable paper cup with mixed designs in each sleeve. Traditionally paper cups have a single design per case; hence no variety or variation is possible. This is largely down to the way the cups are produced and packaged on the production line.

Our new mixed design “Barista” cups are available exclusively as a double wall insulated cup. The Barista design is centred on coffee shop atmosphere photography, examples of this are included below. The mixed prints provide a lively and more varied alternative to using either a single print or a plain cup.

This range is available from stock straight away in the usual 8oz (small), 12oz (medium / regular) and 16oz (large) sizes. Please get in touch with our sales team for further information, samples are available on request. Our double wall paper cups can be found at:,7,143,Double_Wall_Paper_Cups.html

Product Focus: Disposable Cutlery

February 9th, 2018

plastic cutleryWe’ve got a large range of different disposable cutlery available; these differ in both style and quality. The summary below may assist you in choosing the correct type for your requirements.

Disposable white cutlery: This is the most cost effective option, a standard grade of disposable cutlery. The lowest cost per unit of all the cutlery we stock, also great for high volume usage. This range is made from high impact Polystyrene and is 100% recyclable. *cheapest option*

Black disposable cutlery: Our black cutlery is extremely similar to the regular range of disposable cutlery, it’s simply coloured black to offer a different appearance to the more common white. Customers often choose this range to tie in with existing disposable glassware or the theme of their event. It’s the same as the white disposable cutlery in terms of strength.

Clear plastic cutlery: Our clear cutlery is a more heavy-duty product, made from a thicker grade of plastic. These are great for occasions when you require a stronger product, either due to the type of event or perhaps because more substantial food is being served. Smaller portions / snacks are perfectly suited to the economy grade of cutlery, but if you’re serving a meal of more substance you might want a stronger knife and fork for example. Again, this is 100% recyclable.

Biodegradable cutlery: This is our premium range of cutlery, by far the strongest and most substantial out of all the options. The plastic is much thicker and ideally suited to full meals or tougher-to-handle foods. As the name suggests this range cutlery also has the advantage of being biodegradable, it’s produced using an additive called “addiflex”. The items will naturally disintegrate and turn to fertile earth, for this reason these have a shelf life of 1.6 years. In addition, you can also recycle the items. *Strongest option*

Wooden cutlery: These are a more recent addition to the cutlery range, available as full size knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons. The product is made from 100% birch wood, supplied only from sustainable and ethical sources. Wooden cutlery is stronger than the regular disposable range of plastic cutlery, and has the advantage of being both visually appealing and tactile to handle. Commercial customers often choose this option if they already use a natural coloured range of disposables (food boxes etc), or wish to present a more premium image with the food they serve. *Premium appearance*

You can see our full range of disposable plastic cutlery at:,12,0,Plastic_Cutlery_and_Stirrers.html

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks – Which Do I Choose?

February 2nd, 2018

Paper Cups for Hot Drinks – Which Do I Choose?This is a question we get asked a lot by customers looking to start purchasing paper cups for the first time, we’ve got a sizable range of cups which can sometimes prove bewildering for somebody not familiar with the product.

To many people, all paper cups are created equal, they’re simply a convenient method of serving coffee on the go. There’s actually a lot more to it though; cups can feature extra insulation in the form of a barrier layer or a corrugated outer wrap for example.

The first consideration when choosing a cup is selecting the level of insulation required. The choices can be broken down as follows:

  • Single wall paper cups; the most cost effective type of cup, made from a single layer of PE coated paper. These are a great choice for high volume use, or where you know that black tea / coffee won’t be served (lower temperatures). Even then you can purchase cup sleeves to use with these so customers have the option of adding extra insulation.
  • Double wall paper cups; These paper cups offer an additional layer of insulation, the extra barrier layer traps air between the outer wrap and the cup which makes the cup more comfortable to hold. More expensive than the single wall cups but more cost effective than the ripple cups.
  • Insulated ripple cups; these cups offer the best form of insulation for disposable hot drink cups. A thick corrugated barrier layer offers the greatest insulation against heat, it also has the advantage of keeping your drink hotter for longer.
  • Ultimate triple layer cups; Triple layer cups offer the same advantages as a ripple cup, except with a smooth outer wall. They have the same insulating properties but with an internal wrap rather than external.

Once you’ve selected the most suitable type of cup, you’ll find we offer a large range of different sizes. These break down as follows:

  • Espresso cups; espresso is always served in a small 4oz cup, much shorter and narrower than any other cup type we stock. These are also great for sampling purposes.
  • Small takeaway cups; normally an 8oz serving, this is one of the most common cup sizes we stock. You’ll also find the shorter 6oz size of cup that’s designed for serving the ever popular “flat white”
  • Medium / regular takeaway cups; normally these range from 10-12oz. A standard 12oz cup is the de-facto regular size, but you will also encounter 12oz “squat” cups. These are designed to be shorter to fit under the nozzle of automatic coffee machines.
  • Large / oversize; anything 16oz or larger is considered a large sized portion. We even stock a 20oz (one pint!) cup as an oversize option.

Our full range of paper cups can be found at:,7,0,Hot_Drink_Paper_Cups.html

Please get in touch with any queries you may have regarding our range.