Polycarbonate Plastic Glasses

Polycarbonate Reusable glasses are often referred to as safety glasses and many local councils and police forces are insisting that these glasses are used to minimize the risk of injury from ‘glassings’ (The word ‘Glass’ is sadly a verb in this country)

Polycarbonate Plastic Glasses are injection moulded and becoming more commonplace in Pubs, Bars and Restaurants as they will not break (if used as a weapon or otherwise)

Polycarb glasses look just like glass, are usually more expensive than glass as they ‘last forever’ and are lightweight.

Our Polycarbonate glasses will withstand 500 dishwasher cycles before showing signs of degradation (scratches etc). Polycarbonate glasses mark easily if not handled properly.

Polycarbonate glasses can withstand temperatures of up to 145C and are also used to make Police Riot Shields and Bullet Proof Glass.

Polycarbonate Reusable Plastic Glasses

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