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2018 Christmas Paper Napkins

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

We’ve just launched our 2018 range of disposable Christmas themed paper napkins. A great way to decorate your table this Christmas with a fun and festive theme. These are also a common sight at office parties, functions and special occasions in the lead up to the Christmas.

We offer a variety of sizes and types, with the most popular being 40cm 2ply napkins, a dinner plate sized item with a 1/4 fold.

In addition to the Christmas themed napkins, we’ve got a festive paper tablecloth to tie in with these designs – as well as the usual plain items in a variety of colours.

Useful links:

Our 2018 designs:

Black Sparkle DesignChampagne Shimmer DesignChristmas Bauble Design

Christmas Snowman DesignChristmas Tree DesignChristmas Wonderland Design

Napkins at the dinner table:

We’re on Instagram

Friday, October 19th, 2018

13201883_300x300Follow our Instagram to see pictures of our existing products, pictures of our items in use as well as photos of new up and coming products. If you’d like your images to be featured on our Instagram; send them across to us by direct message and we’ll feature (and tag) you on our feed.


Red Party Cups – Great for the Party Season

Friday, October 12th, 2018

We stock a full range of the ever popular Red American party cups, this is comprised of 3 sizes; 2oz (shot shot size), 12oz (small size party cups) and 16oz (the most popular full size cups).

These items prove hugely popular at parties / events, or just for use in the home. This is mainly due to the proliferation of American media on our screens – they’re a very common sight across the pond and have rapidly gained popularity on our shores too now.

The most popular use of these glasses is for beer pong (read more here: This is a team-based drinking game that uses the Red party cups and ping pong balls, basically shooting the ping pong balls into the cups so the other team has to consume their contents.

Over the past couple of years the 16oz party cups in particular have become synonymous with university drinking games in the UK and have been widely adopted and part of our youth culture.

With the Christmas party seasons just around the corner you’re bound to see these all over the place very soon.

You can find our range of American party cups on the site at:,5,0,Plastic_Glasses.html

Halloween Themed Scary Reusable Glasses

Friday, October 12th, 2018

In strictly limited quantities – we’ve just added the 10oz Halloween themed glasses to our store, each pack of which has a random design (4 available). Solid in small packs of 5 glasses – great for any Halloween parties you may be having

You can buy these from our store at:,18,153,4707,,range.html

10oz Nonic Halloween Printed Glasses

Product spotlight: Disposable Paper Plates

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Today we’re taking a look at a long-standing member of our product range, the ever dependable paper plate. These are a hugely versatile product and a mainstay of home parties and special occasions. They’re used for everything from birthday parties to outdoor events, basically any occasion where you might want to avoid piles of washing up, or if there’s a risk of breakages from using traditional crockery.

We’ve now got lots of options for disposable plates and bowls, made from either paper or sugarcane. The heavy-duty sugarcane items have gained huge popularity in recent times due to their biodegradable properties, and the fact that they’re made from what is essentially a waste product. They’re also very strong items, but this does mean they’re also more expensive.

The humble paper plate is available in the most common sizes; 6” (15cm), 7” (17.5cm) and 9” (23cm). This should make them usable for most occasions that demand a disposable paper plate.

What most people don’t realise is that our range of disposable paper plates are also specifically designed to be biodegradable, unlike a lot of similar items from other manufacturers our plates don’t feature a PE (plastic polyethylene) coating. They’re stamped in such a manner that they have sufficient moisture resistance without any form of additional coating. They can be also be recycled along with your regular paper waste.

Disposable paper plates seem to have come under scrutiny in recent times due to increased pressure on reducing usage of disposables; however untreated plates actually have pretty sound environmental credentials. The raw materials are even from renewable and sustainable sources.

We sell these in either packs of 100 or full boxes of 1000 to suit most occasions, you can find disposable paper plates on our site at:,9,17,Disposable_Paper_Plates_.html

New Biodegradable Ripple Paper Cups

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Due to the increase in popularity of our biodegradable range of cups we’ve introduced a new insulated version to the range. Just like the rest of our biodegradable cups they feature a PLA lining made from cornstarch. This is a sustainable and eco-friendly lining that allows the cups to break down completely when composted; they feature no plastic inner lining.

Other than the change of process used to line the cup, the only visible difference between these and the regular disposable PE lined cups is the “ingeo” branding and eco-friendly message around the bottom of the cup. The cups themselves provide the same great insulation, designed specifically for hot drinks (black tea, coffee,  etc.).

These biodegradable cups take the same sized lids as our standard cup ranges, meaning you can choose to use our compostable cPLA lids or the regular plastic variety.

All sizes are available immediately from stock. Please see our range of biodegradable paper cups:,7,197,Biodegradable_Paper_Cups.html

New range of biodegradable paper straws

Friday, August 17th, 2018

black paper strawsBy popular demand we’ve expanded our existing range of straws (made from recyclable PP/ PolyPropylene) with the addition of the new biodegradable paper straws. These have been a common request throughout 2018 due to various high profile news stories and the resulting media pressure to reduce single use plastics.

Many pubs, clubs and bars are under pressure to remove straws in particular and offer a biodegradable / compostable alternative, which is where paper straws come in. These are made from 100% virgin grade paperboard; no additives, coatings, or plastics are used whatsoever. They can obviously be recycled as with any other paper product, however if they end up being discarded they will degrade completely naturally with no further environmental impact. Obviously any disposable product should ideally be sorted and recycled correctly following use, but this isn’t always possible or viable.

Initially our paper straws are available in black only, however we are adding many other colours and styles to the range in the near future – keep an eye on our paper straws store category.

Biodegradable insulated double wall paper cups

Monday, August 6th, 2018

biodegradable double wall paper cupsAs part of our efforts to cater for customers requiring a biodegradable alternative to disposables, we’ve launched a new range of paper cups. These feature a PLA (Polylactic Acid) inner coating that is completely biodegradable.

Previously if you wanted a biodegradable paper cup you would need to use a single wall item with a sleeve if necessary for the extra insulation. The vast majority of compostable / biodegradable paper cups available in the UK are only single wall. We’re now offering a double wall alternative, this means no extra sleeves required and the same high levels of insulation.

Our range of eco double wall cups take the same standardised lid sizes are the rest of our disposable coffee cup range, 80mm for the smaller (8oz) cups and 90mm for the larger (10oz+) cups.

Samples are available on request – please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Please see our biodegradable paper cups section for more information:,38,197,Biodegradable_Paper_Cups.html

Brown kraft / unbleached 40cm 8-fold paper napkins

Friday, May 4th, 2018

40cm unbleached paper napkinsOur popular unbleached napkins are now available in an 8-fold / rectangular configuration for use in restaurants or general use at the dinner table.

The natural coloured brown napkins do not go through the bleaching process necessary with the more common brightly coloured napkins, this is the actual colour of the product before any colouring takes place. We’ve noticed this style of napkin becoming increasingly popular, is also matches the recently launched ranges of brown food boxes and soup cups allowing customers to present a consistent theme for their disposables.

As these are pure recycled paper, they’re also 100% biodegradable and compostable.

We’re stocking these in packs of 125 or full cases of 2,000 for customers with larger / ongoing demand. 4-fold versions are also available if you prefer a square napkin.

You can find these on our website at:,13,0,4476,,range.html?id=4671

White Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses & Champagne Flutes

Friday, April 13th, 2018

reusable plastic wineglassesWe’ve added 2 new items to our popular range of Elite reusable polycarbonate stemmed glasses. These are the White 11oz premium wineglasses and the 6.5oz champagne flutes, the same high quality items as the clear versions but finished in a high-gloss White.

The reusable wineglasses are available in a range of sizes:

  • 9oz (lined at 175ml)
  • 11oz (lined at 125ml, 175ml and 250ml)
  • 14oz (lined at 250ml)

Our champagne flutes come in a single 6.5oz size with an optional line at 125ml for the usual measure of champagne.

The coloured glossy versions of these glasses are a great option for home use, they’re extremely durable and ideal for parties and outdoor occasions.

Please note that the coloured (Black and White) versions of our Champagne and Wineglasses do not carry a fill measure or line due to their solid nature. If you require a fill measure, please look at our clear polycarbonate glasses instead.

Our range of Reusable Plastic Wineglasses and Champagne Flutes can be found at:,19,0,Reusable_and_CE_Marked_Plastic_Wineglasses_.html