Two Brews charity helps Manchester’s homeless

A Manchester-based homeless charity has continued its efforts to help the needy this week.

Volunteers from the charity Two Brews took to the streets to provide hot food, hot beverages, and other essentials to those sleeping rough.

Two Brews Manchester Charity Helping Homeless

The charity was founded in 2020 by Manchester residents who felt more needed to be done to tackle homelessness. It has since relied on volunteer support and donations to help provide relief items 7 nights a week and 3 mornings a week.

In the most recent distribution, the charity used ripple insulated coffee cups to serve hot drinks to those in need.

Two Brews Manchester Charity Helping Homeless

A spokesperson for the charity told Event Supplies: “The fact that they were insulated meant that our friends on the streets, could keep hold of them, instead of having to put them on the floor, for them to be knocked over.”

For more information about the charity, or for details on how to lend a helping hand, follow Two Brews on Facebook and Instagram.