Enjoy beer in our brand new Bavarian tankards

Bavarian tankard beer glass

We are pleased to add Bavarian tankards to our range of reusable plastic barware.

Great for beer gardens, pubs and bars, these 20oz Bavarian tankards are made from shatterproof plastic providing a safe way to serve alcoholic drinks. It also has the same clear appearance as glass, as well as a great price.

Be confident serving customers as these glasses are CE Marked and suitable for commercial use.

How much can this tankard contain?

The tankards have a capacity of 568ml/56.8cl/20oz.

The benefits of a plastic tankard

  • Cost-efficient
  • Reusable all year round
  • Shatterproof unlike real glass
  • Lighter in weight than glass counterparts

The glasses can also be used in the dishwasher and glass-washer. It has been tested up to 500 cycles.