4 tips to prepare your restaurant for Easter in 2021

Easter Business Ideas

Restaurants, takeaways and other food businesses need to think outside the box.

With lockdown restrictions easing in April, we can expect the return of some level of normality. And of course many families will be looking to celebrate Easter with good food, whether it is in the form of a pickup or delivery.

As your preparations for Easter begin, we’ve put together some ideas to help your restaurant or takeaway service make the most out of the holiday.

1. Create an Easter menu

Creating a special Easter menu is a great way to offer something new to customers. You can refresh your menu with offers, new dishes and even Easter-themed desserts.

Make sure to share your menu in digital format across your networks and if you are using Uber Eats and Deliveroo to deliver, update your profiles to reflect the changes.

2. Celebration boxes

If you are using food boxes to deliver food, these can be customised to reflect an Easter theme.

Switch to a window food box to showcase your food, add an Easter-themed message/sticker or even include complimentary mini Easter eggs with orders.

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3. Drinks specials

When updating an Easter menu, it’s essential to include popular brunch beverages, like juices, coffees, and other refreshments. However, to attract more customers, it’s great to add a fun twist to your menu too.

Why not add a specialised selection of drinks such as a Mini Egg Martini that you haven’t offered before?

4. Add a special touch

Extra effort goes a long way. Adding a special touch to orders will not only put a smile on your customers faces, but increase the chances of them ordering again.

Although customers are not physically dining in your restaurant just yet, you can still find ways to think outside the box to make their celebrations special.

  • Add a custom thank you message in delivery boxes.
  • Include mini Easter eggs inside orders.
  • Offer a complimentary portion, drink or shake.