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Disposable Catering Supplies Back In Stock Event Supplies

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Comfort and quality guaranteed with Poppies napkins

Coloured Napkins For Events Catering Parties Events Celebrations

We are proud to announce the arrival of brand new napkins into our store.

Tissue napkins are the most popular type of napkin in the UK and widely used in all occasions, including birthdays, parties, weddings, Christenings and many more.

Manufactured by the well-established Poppies brand, our great value napkins are available in a variety of styles and colours.

A guide to 1ply, 2ply and 3ply

To put it simply, the quality and feel of a napkin depends on the layers of tissue it has. 1ply consists of one layer and is thinner, whilst 3ply is the thickest.

  • 1ply napkins: 1ply are produced using one layer of tissue and, depending on the type and size of napkin, are embossed.
  • 2ply napkins: 2ply are the UK’s most popular choice produced using two layers of tissue. Dispenser, cocktail, luncheon and dinner napkins are available in 2ply.
  • 3ply napkins: 3ply are more premium napkins commonly used in dinner settings and offer a much thicker feel. Produced using three layers of tissue, 40cm dinner napkins are also available.

Colours available

Browse our website to find great value napkins in a variety of colours, such as:

  • Baby blue
  • Black
  • Bordeaux
  • Buttermilk/Ivory
  • Forest Green
  • Lime green
  • Navy blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Recycled/Unbleached
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Need help? Chat to one of our representatives 9am-5pm on our website Mon-Fri. We’re always happy to help 😊

New smoothie cups a treat for cold drink sellers

In stock today are our new Ingeo printed smoothie cups.

Made from PLA, a sustainable and renewable plant-based material, these compostable cups come in a range of sizes from 9oz to 20oz and offer great value-for-money. They are durable, and go hand-in-hand with domed lids and flat lids.

Key features: Strong, lightweight, and can hold liquid up to 40°C.

Ideal for: Cold drink businesses, dessert parlours, parties in the summer.

We recommend the following lids for these cups

Need help?

Chat to one of our representatives 9am-5pm on our website Mon-Fri. We’re always happy to help 😊

Plastic-free straw cup lids in stock now

Plastic Free Paper Straws Slot Lids For Cups

This year, we’ve seen increasing searches for plastic-free products.

So we are delighted to add plastic-free straw cup lids to our range, another plastic-free product to accompany our paper cold drink cups.

These lids feature a straw slot design and offer a plastic-free alternative to conventional straw slot lids.

They also fit our range of Cool & Fresh Cold Drink Cups. We think they’re a match made in heaven; with the cups featuring a double PLA-coated vibrant design, ideal for cold drink caterers, events and celebrations.

Key features: Compostable and plastic-free.

Reasons to order with us:

  • Next day delivery available on orders made before 1pm
  • Free delivery on orders over £100
  • A friendly sales team happy to help

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You can also chat to one of our representatives 9am-5pm on our website Mon-Fri. We’re always happy to help 😊