15 June: Rising demand for disposables by businesses

Disposable Plates And Cutlery

As lockdown rules ease for many businesses on 15 June, owners are looking to get back into a slow but steady stride of things.

Many owners are also changing the way they operate, and are looking into disposable options to cater for their customers and staff.

Disposable food boxes

As eateries open, we are seeing a big demand in disposable food boxes. With compostable options available, our food boxes are well-sealed and suitable for all types of food.

Disposable Food Box 1 UK
Disposable Food Box 1 UK

Disposable beer cups

Businesses such as pubs remain closed. But owners are looking to stock up on disposable cups and glasses to serve customers once they get the good news they can reopen again.

Disposable Beer Cup 1 UK
Disposable Beer Cup 2 UK

Disposable vending cups

If safe to do so, many employees will return to work. Business owners are purchasing disposable vending cups such as water cooler cups for their offices.

Disposable Vending Cup 1 UK
Disposable Vending Cup 1 UK

Single-use wineglasses and flutes

The government emphasises health and hygiene in its new rules. Events and catering businesses will be looking into stocking single-use plastic cups and glasses.

Disposable Wineglass 1 UK
Disposable Wineglass 1 UK

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