Which Plastic Champagne Flutes Should I Buy?

plastic champagne flutesWe’ve got several different options available when it comes to our disposable champagne flutes, we’re commonly asked about the differences between these and which would be most suitable. These are summarised below:

170ml Disposable Plastic Champagne / Prosecco Flutes

This is the most common champagne flute we stock, the most popular choice for commercial usage as the glass contains a 100ml and 125ml fill line and is CE stamped. These are an injection moulded single piece flute; perfect for high volume use in terms of cost per unit but also much stronger than the more common 2-piece glasses.

4.6oz Clear Disposable Champagne Flutes

These are smaller flutes with a maximum capacity of 130ml, great for serving the common 125ml for private events or home use. These are not CE stamped but are made from slightly thicker plastic than the 170ml glasses.

4.6oz Black Disposable Champagne Flutes

The exact same flute as the clear item above, but presented in an attractive high gloss black colour. We find these are popular with themed events such as Halloween.

Plastic Champagne / Cocktail Flutes

A uniquely and unconventionally style glass, this is a high quality item made from thick injection moulded crystal polystyrene. You often see this glass used for a variety of purposes, either for champagne, wine, cocktails or sometimes even desserts. The capacity is larger than other flutes, lined at 100ml, 200ml with a maximum capacity of 256ml.

150ml Champagne Coupe

This is a smaller flute in a classic 50’s coupe style, the glass is 150ml but this is a measure right to the brim. Realistically you’d want to serve a maximum of 100ml in this glass to remain manageable. You will also see this style of glass used to create a tower of champagne flutes at formal functions and soirees. This is a 2 piece glass and requires assembly.

You can see our full range of plastic champagne flutes at: https://www.eventsupplies.co.uk/plastic-glasses/stemmed/plastic-champagne-flutes

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