Product Focus: Disposable Cutlery

plastic cutleryWe’ve got a large range of different disposable cutlery available; these differ in both style and quality. The summary below may assist you in choosing the correct type for your requirements.

Disposable white cutlery: This is the most cost effective option, a standard grade of disposable cutlery. The lowest cost per unit of all the cutlery we stock, also great for high volume usage. This range is made from high impact Polystyrene and is 100% recyclable. *cheapest option*

Black disposable cutlery: Our black cutlery is extremely similar to the regular range of disposable cutlery, it’s simply coloured black to offer a different appearance to the more common white. Customers often choose this range to tie in with existing disposable glassware or the theme of their event. It’s the same as the white disposable cutlery in terms of strength.

Clear plastic cutlery: Our clear cutlery is a more heavy-duty product, made from a thicker grade of plastic. These are great for occasions when you require a stronger product, either due to the type of event or perhaps because more substantial food is being served. Smaller portions / snacks are perfectly suited to the economy grade of cutlery, but if you’re serving a meal of more substance you might want a stronger knife and fork for example. Again, this is 100% recyclable.

Biodegradable cutlery: This is our premium range of cutlery, by far the strongest and most substantial out of all the options. The plastic is much thicker and ideally suited to full meals or tougher-to-handle foods. As the name suggests this range cutlery also has the advantage of being biodegradable, it’s produced using an additive called “addiflex”. The items will naturally disintegrate and turn to fertile earth, for this reason these have a shelf life of 1.6 years. In addition, you can also recycle the items. *Strongest option*

Wooden cutlery: These are a more recent addition to the cutlery range, available as full size knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons. The product is made from 100% birch wood, supplied only from sustainable and ethical sources. Wooden cutlery is stronger than the regular disposable range of plastic cutlery, and has the advantage of being both visually appealing and tactile to handle. Commercial customers often choose this option if they already use a natural coloured range of disposables (food boxes etc), or wish to present a more premium image with the food they serve. *Premium appearance*

You can see our full range of disposable plastic cutlery at:

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