Mulled Wine Glasses

Mulled wine is a festive beverage traditionally consumed during the winter months – derived from red wine and seasoned with spices.

We’re commonly asked for vessel recommendations for drinking Mulled Wine at this time for year – summarised below are our top suggestions to suit mixed budgets and material preferences.

For customers looking to make their own Mulled Wine, this article from the Guardian is an informative read:

Disposable Tumblers (Plastic)

Where a stemmed glass is required, the 200ml goblets always prove popular. The rigid crystal styrene is not affected by the warm liquid – completely safe for warm drinks. The distinctive stemmed design also makes this an attractive choice for indoor or formal use.

If a traditional tumbler is preferred then the 8oz airline tumbler is an attractive and convenient choice – these also have the advantage of being easily stackable where larger quantities are required. The 8oz capacity is always the most popular choice for Mulled Wine – glasses are traditionally half-filled with this beverage.

Paper Cups

Although many of our paper cups carry generic branded suited to Coffee or Tea, the plain brown Kraft cups in the smaller 8oz size are an excellent choice if you’re serving mulled wine. As these cups are fully insulated you will not feel any excess temperature through the thick outer lining.

Reusable Glasses

For customers wanted a stronger or reusable glass, we offer a hot drink cup made from extra-strong Polycarbonate, the same material used for police riot shields!  These glasses are unbreakable, but also look a lot like traditional glassware. Reusable glasses are made from thicker plastic so offer more insulation than disposable tumblers. Polycarbonate is also unaffected by hot liquids – completely food safe and approved for all beverages.