New Premium Squat Water Cooler Cups

We now give customers a choice of either a ‘value’ branded cup or a ‘premium’ squat non-vending cup.

The three main differences between these products are the item weight, the design / rolling of the cup rim and the base material. Our standard ‘value’ grade of squat cup has a weight of 2.5g, a semi-rolled rim and is made from PolyPropylene.  The more expensive ‘premium’ cup is made from thicker Polystyrene plastic (3.3g) and has a full tightly rolled rim.

Choosing the correct cup depends on its intended usage, customers simply looking to purchase an economical non-vend cup with squat proportions would be best served by the value item. This has a lower cost-per-unit and is perfect for high volume catering use. The thicker ‘premium’ cups are best suited to dental use where a tightly rolled rim is important, the thicker plastic also makes them resistant to spillages. Customers looking to use these cups in school water dispenses also tend to choose the ‘premium’ cup with a more tightly rolled rim.

Please see out water cooler cups category for pricing information on these items

Plastic Water Cooler Cups
Plastic Water Cooler Cups