Disposable Plastic Cups for Water Coolers

Our non-vending disposable cups are most commonly used in the office environment alongside water coolers and dispensers. These are either stored in either a plastic cup dispenser or next to the cooler in a full case.

Customers have found that although our full cases are an economical way to buy these cups, the boxes are often too large to sit next to the cooler. It is for circumstances such as these that we’ve launched the popular 7oz tall translucent cups in smaller packs of 1,000. The box size is designed to be compact so they can sit alongside water coolers without the need for a standalone dispenser.

We are initially offering this new item at an introductory price of £9.25 per case (+VAT).

The items are the exact same specification as our existing clear plastic cups; total capacity is 210ml / 7oz.

Plastic Water Cups

7oz Water Cups (Compact Case) – £9.25 per case (1,000)