Special offer on Paper Vending Cups

For a limited time we’re offering our new range of Paper Vending Cups at reduced introductory rates. Disposable paper cups for vending machines offer several benefits over and above their plastic counterparts. Empirical studies have proven that the perceived value of a beverage is hugely influenced by the vessel in which it is served, despite the drinks being identical. For vending machine operators this brings the obvious advantage of being able to charge a premium price for a takeaway coffee, instead of serving the same drink for less in a plastic cup.

Studies have shown an increase in unit price of between 200% and 300% for an identical coffee served in a paper vending cup from the same vending machine.

We offer the new ‘Prism’ range of paper vending cups in 3 different sizes; 7oz tall, 7oz squat and 9oz. Lids are available to fit both the 7oz tall and 9oz cups.

The special offer prices on this range are as follows:

9oz Paper Vending Cups

9oz Vending Cups – £53.99 / 2000

7oz Squat Paper Vending Cups

7oz Squat Vending Cups – £44.99 / 2000

7oz Tall Paper Vending Cups

7oz Tall Vending Cups – £44.99 / 2000

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