Clear Plastic Deli Pots and Containers

Our updated range of plastic deli containers now features a high-clarity translucent PVC deli pot. We supply this item in 4 different sizes; 4, 8 and 16oz with either flat or domed lids for a wide variety of uses. These tubs are commonly used for storing sauces, salads or even fresh seafood for transit.

The improved design maintains the same rigidity as our existing plastic containers but the translucent nature of the material makes the product more presentable.  This is especially useful where the tubs are being given directly to customers as the contents are easily visible.

We supply the new range of deli pots as either a cellophane wrapped sleeve of 50 units, or a full case of 2,000 (40 sleeves of 50 pots) where larger quantities are required.

Please see out plastic deli pots category for more information on the product, full product specifications and dimensions are available.

Clear Plastic Disposable Deli Containers

New Plastic Deli Pots – perfect for salads, sauces and fresh produce

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