Biodegradable Fibre Paper Cup Carriers

New Paper Cup Carriers

In addition to our highly popular flat-packed paper cup drinks carriers, we now stock a traditional moulded fibre paper cup tray in both 2 and 4 cup varieties (as used by popular fast-food chains). The natural insulating properties of the fibre-based product make them perfectly suited to hot drinks, tolerant up to 100°C. This style of cup drink carrier is designed specifically for the coffee-to-go market, but also suitable for cold drinks, smoothies or any cold beverage.

Our fibre-based moulded drinks carriers are manufactured from recycled board, they are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Environmental friendly credentials are an ever-increasing requirement for disposable products.  This eco-friendly range upholds these values and provides an eco-friendly option for beverage transportation.

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Paper Cup Drinks Carrier
Paper Cup Drinks Carrier