Biodegradable Plates

New to the event supplies range are our Biodegradable Plates manufactured from Bagasse (Sugarcane waste material) which include the standard Round plates in 10”, 9”, 7”, 6” and 12” Oval sizes but also a range of Biodegradable Square Plates and Rectangular trays.

These products are light yet sturdy and offer professional looking food display at minimal cost.

All our Biodegradable Tableware is produced from renewable sources as it is manufactured from the waste material from sugarcane crop, which would otherwise be lost.

Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable Tableware

Bagasse tableware is fast replacing EPS alternatives (expanded polystyrene, often referred to as Styrofoam) which are increasingly regarded as environmentally unacceptable. Bagasse tableware benefits from a wide range of attributes including being suitable for hot or oily foods, microwavable, fridge freezer safe and of course being biodegradable.

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