Eco-friendlier alternatives to outlawed plastic straws

Paper Straws

Searching for alternative options to plastic straws, stirrers and other items may prove difficult from today.

This is because the UK government has banned the sale of such products, except for those with disabilities or medical conditions where there may be a requirement.

Because the choices may seem limited, we’ve put together a list to help suppliers find a suitable counterpart.

Wooden stirrers

Stirrers are made from virgin grade birch wood. These are fully biodegradable and natural products with no coatings or plastics used whatsoever.

Stirrers are popular with coffee brands such as Starbucks and Costa, and provide an alternative to plastic stirrers – which have also been banned from sale.

Paper and biodegradable straws

Made from uncoated virgin grade paper, paper straws are biodegradable and compostable featuring no inner plastic coating.

Popular with caterers of all kinds, paper straws come in various colours.

Special mention: Compostable and wooden cutlery

We are expecting to see growing interest in eco-friendlier cutlery.

Our compostable CPLA cutlery range is made of corn starch; a sustainable and renewable plant based material. It is fully biodegradable and compostable.

Made from virgin grade birch wood, our wooden cutlery range is also ethically sourced from well-managed forests. It is also renewable and recyclable. You may be interested in our new handy packs of knives, forks and spoons.

We are available to help you find eco-friendlier alternatives. Contact us or talk to us on our website Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Tableware ideas for Halloween parties and events

As Halloween approaches, we wanted to share some inspiring examples of how catering supplies can create a perfect Halloween setting.

1. Black napkins – Great for table decor

Browse black napkins

2. Banquet rolls – Suitable for all occasions

Browse banquet rolls

3. Party cups – Serving up fun

Browse party cups

4. Smoothie cups – Tasty treats for the kids

Browse smoothie cups

5. Plastic flutes – Showcase Halloween surprises

Browse plastic champagne flutes

6. Wine glasses – Bring sparkle to the table

Browse wine glasses

10% off on Halloween supplies

For a limited time*, prices have been cut on all Halloween themed products. You can find this section by clicking here.

We’re wishing you a happy Halloween!

* Sale ends 1 October 2020.

Lids to fit pint glasses great for takeaway drinks

Takeaway Drinks With Lids Pint Cups With Lids Photo

Serving takeaway drinks has never been easier. So we’re pleased to announce the arrival of lids to fit our 20-22oz PLA biodegradable pint cups.

Easy to fit, our lids are tight-fitting to prevent spills. They’re made from PLA/cornstarch and a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil based plastics.

Lids are popular with:

  • Pubs serving takeaway pints
  • Licensed premises including clubs and venues serving beer
  • Mobile drink caterers

Get 10% off your order

Spend just £8.30 (exc VAT and delivery) for 50 lids with matching 20-22oz PLA biodegradable pint cups.

Receive a further 10% discount by using our summer sale* coupon code SUMMER10 on checkout, so grab yourself a bargain today! 😎

* Sale ends 4 September 2020.

Sale on summer catering supplies now on

Summer Bank Holiday Sale Catering Supplies UK

The Summer Bank Holiday is nearly here.

And we know times have also been tough here in the UK, so we’re happy to be offering 10% off on all our products online.

Simply use SUMMER10 on the checkout page to claim your discount. But do hurry. This discount is valid till 4 September 2020 and even though we do our best to replenish stock, it does go fast.

You may be interested in these summer supplies

1. Plastic smoothie cups

Perfect for milkshakes, smoothies and fruit snacks, our smoothie cups come in a variety of sizes and are refrigerator safe. They’re available with domed or straw slot lids, handy to keep liquids inside the cup. You may also be interested our compostable cup range.

Summer ideas: You can serve milkshakes and smoothies and even serve cold summer fruits at a garden party.

2. Paper plates

Our disposable paper plates are lightweight and recyclable, ideal for all sorts of picnics, garden parties and BBQs.

Summer ideas: You can store these lightweight plates in your picnic bag. They also make a fun painting activity for children.

3. Party cups

Our party cups are best-sellers year-round. But these tough cups are great for use at home parties and a variety of beverages. The instantly recognisable and distinctive double-skinned design is vibrant and attractive.

Summer ideas: These cups are great for drinking games such as beer pong as well as garden parties.

4. Ice cream supplies

Summer isn’t summer without ice-cream. This is why we’re recommending a range of dessert catering supplies – far too many to list on this blog.

From small ice cream tubs and wooden ice cream spades to domed smoothie cups suitable for any types of milkshake – we have everything you need for serving sweets and treats.

Use SUMMER10 at the checkout page to claim 10% off your order.

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Disposable Catering Supplies Back In Stock Event Supplies

Have you ever wanted to order only to find out there was no stock?

We know it can be a hassle waiting for your disposable catering supplies, so we’ve made it easy for you to be notified by email once they’re available.

3 easy steps

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Disposable Catering Supplies Back In Stock Event Supplies

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Comfort and quality guaranteed with Poppies napkins

Coloured Napkins For Events Catering Parties Events Celebrations

We are proud to announce the arrival of brand new napkins into our store.

Tissue napkins are the most popular type of napkin in the UK and widely used in all occasions, including birthdays, parties, weddings, Christenings and many more.

Manufactured by the well-established Poppies brand, our great value napkins are available in a variety of styles and colours.

A guide to 1ply, 2ply and 3ply

To put it simply, the quality and feel of a napkin depends on the layers of tissue it has. 1ply consists of one layer and is thinner, whilst 3ply is the thickest.

  • 1ply napkins: 1ply are produced using one layer of tissue and, depending on the type and size of napkin, are embossed.
  • 2ply napkins: 2ply are the UK’s most popular choice produced using two layers of tissue. Dispenser, cocktail, luncheon and dinner napkins are available in 2ply.
  • 3ply napkins: 3ply are more premium napkins commonly used in dinner settings and offer a much thicker feel. Produced using three layers of tissue, 40cm dinner napkins are also available.

Colours available

Browse our website to find great value napkins in a variety of colours, such as:

  • Baby blue
  • Black
  • Bordeaux
  • Buttermilk/Ivory
  • Forest Green
  • Lime green
  • Navy blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Recycled/Unbleached
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

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New smoothie cups a treat for cold drink sellers

In stock today are our new Ingeo printed smoothie cups.

Made from PLA, a sustainable and renewable plant-based material, these compostable cups come in a range of sizes from 9oz to 20oz and offer great value-for-money. They are durable, and go hand-in-hand with domed lids and flat lids.

Key features: Strong, lightweight, and can hold liquid up to 40°C.

Ideal for: Cold drink businesses, dessert parlours, parties in the summer.

We recommend the following lids for these cups

Need help?

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Plastic-free straw cup lids in stock now

Plastic Free Paper Straws Slot Lids For Cups

This year, we’ve seen increasing searches for plastic-free products.

So we are delighted to add plastic-free straw cup lids to our range, another plastic-free product to accompany our paper cold drink cups.

These lids feature a straw slot design and offer a plastic-free alternative to conventional straw slot lids.

They also fit our range of Cool & Fresh Cold Drink Cups. We think they’re a match made in heaven; with the cups featuring a double PLA-coated vibrant design, ideal for cold drink caterers, events and celebrations.

Key features: Compostable and plastic-free.

Reasons to order with us:

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Party supply sale now on for Father’s Day

Fathers Day Party Supplies

We speak from experience when we say throwing a surprise party for Father’s Day is special.

Once you have decided on what kind of a party you want to throw, you may need to make food arrangements including tableware supplies.

This is why we’ve put together the best-selling party supplies for you. What’s more is that you can get 10% off your order by using FATHERS at the checkout page*.

Disposable paper plates

Perfect for a surprise meal, our disposable plates are suitable for hot, wet and oily foods, and are freezer and microwave safe. Our separate biodegradable range is also manufactured from 100% natural and renewable sugarcane fibre.

White Paper Plates UK Economy Pack
Sugarcane Round Biodegradable Plates

Disposable cutlery (party packs)

Plates need accompanying cutlery. With packaging and strength in mind, our party cutlery was designed to suit all occasions with quantities available for small parties and large celebrations.

Biodegradable Plastic Cutlery - Party Pack

Party cups

Get a house party started with our range of red American party cups. Used for a wide variety of beverages, our range of party cups are perfect for party games such as beer pong.

2oz Mini Red Party Cup / Shot Glasses
12oz Disposable Red American Party Cups

Champagne flutes

Raise a toast to your father with these champagne flutes. These flutes are ideal where an economical alternative to glassware is required.

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* Offer valid till 26 June.

15 June: Rising demand for disposables by businesses

Disposable Plates And Cutlery

As lockdown rules ease for many businesses on 15 June, owners are looking to get back into a slow but steady stride of things.

Many owners are also changing the way they operate, and are looking into disposable options to cater for their customers and staff.

Disposable food boxes

As eateries open, we are seeing a big demand in disposable food boxes. With compostable options available, our food boxes are well-sealed and suitable for all types of food.

Disposable Food Box 1 UK
Disposable Food Box 1 UK

Disposable beer cups

Businesses such as pubs remain closed. But owners are looking to stock up on disposable cups and glasses to serve customers once they get the good news they can reopen again.

Disposable Beer Cup 1 UK
Disposable Beer Cup 2 UK

Disposable vending cups

If safe to do so, many employees will return to work. Business owners are purchasing disposable vending cups such as water cooler cups for their offices.

Disposable Vending Cup 1 UK
Disposable Vending Cup 1 UK

Single-use wineglasses and flutes

The government emphasises health and hygiene in its new rules. Events and catering businesses will be looking into stocking single-use plastic cups and glasses.

Disposable Wineglass 1 UK
Disposable Wineglass 1 UK

We’re also providing:

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  • Free delivery on orders over £100
  • A friendly sales team happy to help

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