Is your takeaway cup biodegradable?

Is your takeaway cup biodegradable?

Unlike a regular takeaway cup, biodegradable cups have the ability to degrade in a non-harmful way.

These cups are eco-friendlier alternatives commonly made with a single PLA coating. This coating is a bioplastic, derived from plant-based materials such as corn starch or sugarcane.

What are bioplastics?

Bioplastics are made from plants unlike regular plastics that are made from oil.

Unlike oil based plastics, which stay present as waste for many years, bioplastics are renewable and can biodegrade within 12 weeks. The carbon footprint of bioplastic is also much lower than petroleum based plastics.

How can I check my cup is biodegradable?

Manufacturers mark biodegradable cups on the print.

Is your takeaway cup biodegradable?

If you are still uncertain, ask the business or supplier.

Where should I dispose my cup?

You can dispose of cups with your food waste and have everything collected together to be taken to a composting facility. Here, the cups will biodegrade into compost in less than 12 weeks.

We recommend checking with your local council to see that food waste goes to a composting facility. If they don’t offer the facility, you can compost your cup at home.

What are the benefits of a biodegradable cup?

  • Helps fight waste, pollution and reduces fossil fuel usage
  • Chemical-free cups are safe to use
  • Affordable for businesses
  • Promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Boost business reputation

What takeaway cups are biodegradable?

At Event Supplies, we offer biodegradable cups in many shapes and sizes.

Biodegradable cup
Aqueous cups
Biodegradable cup
Double wall PLA cups
  • Single wall biodegradable cups (4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz)
  • Single wall bamboo mixed cups (8oz, 12oz and 16oz)
  • Double wall Aqueous cups (8oz and 12oz)
  • Double wall PLA cups (8oz, 12oz and 16oz)
  • Double wall ripple cups (8oz, 12oz and 16oz)
  • Triple wall ultimate bamboo cups (8oz, 12oz and 16oz)

We also offer biodegradable lids which also have the ability to degrade naturally.

How this Doncaster pizzeria navigated through lockdown

The Pizza Trail Lockdown Business Takeaway

The hospitality sector was effectively brought to a halt last year. Many businesses across the nation were quick to change their business models following a nationwide lockdown.

One shining example is Doncaster-based pizzeria The Pizza Trail, whose owner saw no option but to transform operations to navigate through the testing times.

Oliver, owner and chef at The Pizza Trail, told us: “Lockdown hit us with a real bang in March 2020. Overnight I got laid off from my full-time head chef job, so attention turned to turning my event catering business into a full time job.”

“Then we started to lose all our summer public events and the 20 weddings we had booked for the late summer. We had to do something fast.”

To continue operating during lockdown, the mobile pizzeria turned into a pop-up takeaway service and began serving villages around Doncaster. Business started to grow each month and Oliver saw signs of recovery.

The Pizza Trail Lockdown Business Takeaway

The Pizza Trail also made use of single-use disposable catering supplies to serve customers. Using single-use packaging would help minimise unnecessary contact and help prevent the spread of covid-19.

Oliver said: “We are using soup cups to make our homemade cheesecake pots with weekly changing flavours. When we started to make them, we went from serving a few desserts a week. Now some customers are coming to us just for our cheesecake pots.”

Soup Cups For Desserts

You can follow the trail on Facebook.

Find out more about The Pizza Trail by visiting the website.

Enjoy beer in our brand new Bavarian tankards

Bavarian tankard beer glass

We are pleased to add Bavarian tankards to our range of reusable plastic barware.

Great for beer gardens, pubs and bars, these 20oz Bavarian tankards are made from shatterproof plastic providing a safe way to serve alcoholic drinks. It also has the same clear appearance as glass, as well as a great price.

Be confident serving customers as these glasses are CE Marked and suitable for commercial use.

How much can this tankard contain?

The tankards have a capacity of 568ml/56.8cl/20oz.

The benefits of a plastic tankard

  • Cost-efficient
  • Reusable all year round
  • Shatterproof unlike real glass
  • Lighter in weight than glass counterparts

The glasses can also be used in the dishwasher and glass-washer. It has been tested up to 500 cycles.

Bank Holiday sale on reusable barware

Reusable barware sale

For a limited time only, we are offering discounts on our range of reusable barware, including plastic tumblers, plastic hiball glasses, wineglasses and dessert dishes.

Great for pubs and bars now open to serve outdoors; our barware is designed to replace more traditional barware with affordable yet strong and durable alternatives.

Browse our best-sellers today and use BAR10 on the checkout to receive 10% off your order*

Plastic glasses

Our ECON plastic glasses are cost-effective products and popular in outdoor settings. Browse a mix of coloured glasses to suit your themes.

Chunky Plastic Glass
ECON 7.5oz Crystal Polystyrene Chunky Plastic Glasses
CE Marked Plastic Glass
ECON 10oz Rigid Crystal Polystyrene C.E Marked Glasses

Plastic hiball glasses

Serve tall cocktails and mixed drinks with our CE Marked hiball glasses. Strong and durable, these glasses are glass washer friendly. Browse a selection of colours such as green, purple, orange, and more.

CE Marked Hiball Plastic Glass
ECON 12oz Clear Crystal Polystyrene CE Marked Hiball Plastic Glasses
CE Marked Hiball Plastic Glass
ECON 10oz Red Crystal Polystyrene CE Marked Hiball Plastic Glasses

Serving jugs and bowls

Explore jugs, bowls and prep bowls to serve food to customers. Made from a tough polycarbonate material, these supplies are hard to break. This is also particularly important to keep the environment safe for staff and customers.

Plastic 3 Pint 4 Pint Serving Bowl
ELITE 3 Pint Polycarbonate Serving Bowl

*Offer valid for a limited time. Valid on reusable ELITE and ECON ranges only.

4 tips to prepare your restaurant for Easter in 2021

Easter Business Ideas

Restaurants, takeaways and other food businesses need to think outside the box.

With lockdown restrictions easing in April, we can expect the return of some level of normality. And of course many families will be looking to celebrate Easter with good food, whether it is in the form of a pickup or delivery.

As your preparations for Easter begin, we’ve put together some ideas to help your restaurant or takeaway service make the most out of the holiday.

1. Create an Easter menu

Creating a special Easter menu is a great way to offer something new to customers. You can refresh your menu with offers, new dishes and even Easter-themed desserts.

Make sure to share your menu in digital format across your networks and if you are using Uber Eats and Deliveroo to deliver, update your profiles to reflect the changes.

2. Celebration boxes

If you are using food boxes to deliver food, these can be customised to reflect an Easter theme.

Switch to a window food box to showcase your food, add an Easter-themed message/sticker or even include complimentary mini Easter eggs with orders.

Window Boxes Cake Boxes
200 windows boxes on sale for £33.00

3. Drinks specials

When updating an Easter menu, it’s essential to include popular brunch beverages, like juices, coffees, and other refreshments. However, to attract more customers, it’s great to add a fun twist to your menu too.

Why not add a specialised selection of drinks such as a Mini Egg Martini that you haven’t offered before?

4. Add a special touch

Extra effort goes a long way. Adding a special touch to orders will not only put a smile on your customers faces, but increase the chances of them ordering again.

Although customers are not physically dining in your restaurant just yet, you can still find ways to think outside the box to make their celebrations special.

  • Add a custom thank you message in delivery boxes.
  • Include mini Easter eggs inside orders.
  • Offer a complimentary portion, drink or shake.

5 must-have festival and nightclub supplies for 2021

UK festivals and nightclubs will return to the UK by the end of June, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s schedule to remove lockdown restrictions.

The news has raised hopes for event organisers and event goers alike.

Are you prepared?

For when things return to a degree of normality, we’ve put together a list of must-have supplies for event organisers.

These products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Water cooler cups

Our water cups are great for small and large events, providing an economical solution to serve water and soft drinks to customers.

As with all our water cups, these items are fully recyclable with regular plastic waste.

Great for: Soft drinks.

White water cups
White water cups
Clear water cups
Clear water cups

Tumblers and beer cups

Plastic beer cups are always best-sellers at festivals and bars serving alcoholic beverages. CE Marked and available in multiple sizes, these cups can be bought with flat lids to make the perfect takeaway pint.

Great for: Alcoholic beverages and takeaway pints.

10oz flexi beer cups
10oz flexi beer cups
20oz biodegradable pint glasses
20oz biodegradable pint glasses

Food takeout containers

Leak and grease resistant, our food boxes will easily hold cold, wet and dry foods. They are suitable for many occasions.

Our bagasse containers are also highly popular. These containers are manufactured from 100% natural sugarcane fibre which makes them fully compostable.

Great for: Food vendors, food stalls, takeaways and fast food.

No 4 Kraft food box
No 4 Kraft food box
Compartment bagasse container
Compartment bagasse container


Made from uncoated virgin grade paper, our paper straws are biodegradable and compostable. These are ideal for customers who prefer a straw with their drinks.

Plastic straws including smoothie straws may be sold to registered UK businesses. Please contact us for more information.

Great for: Soft drinks.

Red striped paper straws
Red striped paper straws
Biodegradable plastic straws
Biodegradable plastic straws

Biodegradable alternatives

We are committed to offering eco-friendly solutions to customers. This includes products made of natural and biodegradable materials, as well as plastic-free products.

You can find an alternative to almost everything in our catalog. Please visit our dedicated section on our website.

The government will continue to monitor COVID-19 infection rates throughout the year and will change in accordance with data.

Event Supplies awarded Best Biodegradable Tableware Supplier

Event Supplies is pleased to receive an award for its biodegradable products in this year’s Hospitality Awards.

Awarded by LUXlife magazine, the 2020 Hospitality Awards aims to highlight the achievements and outstanding service of those that work across the varied and ever-growing industry.

With more catering businesses looking to source sustainable packaging, greener alternatives have become increasingly popular. Not only is it helping businesses achieve their business goals but helping minimise material waste and protect the environment.

We hope to expand on our products in the future and continue to provide a high quality service to our customers.

If you need help identifying the right sustainable solution for your business, why not contact us today to discuss how Event Supplies can help?

Takeaway food packaging for lockdown deliveries

Uber Eats Delivery

As we reopened for business after the New Year, we arrived to news of another nationwide lockdown.

We noticed that delivery services continue to operate and we are pleased to be providing packaging solutions for businesses across the UK in these rather unprecedented times.

Leak-proof food boxes

In white and brown colours, our leak-proof food boxes feature a folding interlocking lid, ideal for food storage and a wide range of takeaway meals.

White leak-proof food box
White leak-proof food box
Biodegradable PLA leak-proof food box
Biodegradable brown leak-proof food box

Biodegradable food boxes

Our biodegradable food boxes prove to be popular with businesses seeking to make greener choices.

Featuring no coating or lining, these boxes are made from 100% natural sugarcane pulp which means they degrade naturally. They are suitable for both hot and oily foods making them must-haves for any delivery business.

2 compartment food box
2 compartment food box
Fish and chips food box
Fish and chips food box

Noodle boxes

Noodle boxes are popular among Chinese and Indian takeaways, featuring a folding lid to keep food secure inside. Choose between square and normal shapes.

Noodle box
Noodle box
Square noodle box
Square noodle box

Window boxes

If you have food to present to customers, our windowed tuck top boxes are a great choice. Leak and grease assistant, these boxes are biodegradable and stackable.

Window food boxes
Window food boxes

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are not only used for deliveries, but also make for great storage containers. This is because they are microwave and freezer safe.

Sauce pots
Sauce pots
Plastic containers
Plastic containers

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We’re raising our cuppas for Brew Monday

Brew Monday Tackling Loneliness

As one of the leading suppliers of paper cups in the UK, we’re raising our cups to help banish the winter blues.

Brew Monday is an awareness day held on 18 January and organised by Samaritans. Helping tackling loneliness, the day helps turn ‘Blue Monday’ on its head and turn it into something positive by encouraging people to get together over a warming virtual cuppa.

Now more than ever, sharing a cuppa is more than a drink. It’s about reaching out, checking in and staying connected.

To find out more about Brew Monday, click here.

See you in the New Year!

Happy New Year 2021

What a year 2020 has been.

It has turned out very differently than expected, but we tried to do our best under the unprecedented circumstances. So before we start a new year full of energy and zest for action, we would like to THANK YOU to our friends, supporters and partners.

We hugely appreciate you being part of the family and thank you for doing business with us.

Our website will resume taking orders on Saturday 2 January 2021.

When we are back on the Monday full of energy, we will be dispatching all orders on that day (before 1pm). Delivery times will be 1-2 working days.

Some questions you may have while we are away…

Q: When are you open again?

We will reopen for orders on 2 January 2021. You will be able to place your order online.

Q: I have placed an order, has it been dispatched?

We made sure we dispatched all orders placed before the Christmas break. If you are still waiting for your order please await an update from Parcelforce.

Q: Can I order while you are away?

Our team are away for Christmas so we can only process any orders upon return.

You can send us an email requesting a call-back (please leave your name, products and number). Alternatively, you may visit our website on 2 January 2021 when we will be open to take orders.

Q: I have an account with you, can I submit a PO?

You may certainly send us your PO via email but we will be dispatching the day we return. We will acknowledge your email.

Q: I need to return an item.

Please send us an email outlining the reason for your return as well as your name and order number (found in your order confirmation email beginning with 0000). We will acknowledge and respond to you once we return.

From the team at Event Supplies, we’re wishing you a Merry Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year.